My Personal 2010

To me, 2010 was about establishing myself who I am after a long stretch of doing nothing the previous year.  To say the least, I have done that.

Professionally, it felt like a reunion tour. My business was doing well as I was helping a couple of clients (one I used to work with as an employee), although one of the clients didn’t have an HR department, so I was doing 3 jobs with 2 clients.  Including the blizzard and taxes, I was doing extracurricular work like subcontracts, insurance, and others as this client was understaffed.  In both clients, they were rebuilding projects and enjoy the process of getting these organizations back to their normal self.

After the first three months, I took a different route and help out NPR for four months on administrative duties and social recruiting.  I have always said my biggest regret was not applying for the HR Assistant position at NPR 5 years ago. Five years later, I returned and although there are some things left undone, I enjoyed going back to NPR and helping out.  I did what I did for 4 months with good success, however I wish NPR could open up a bit, but with management changes in the HR department, I can’t do nothing else other than the resources is given.  I know NPR had its problems as an organization with the Juan Williams fiasco and the Rally to Restore Sanity debate, but it will overcome that because it has a committed audience who want their news and a good share of entertainment.  By the way, they are still looking for a Director of Recruiting.

After July, I took a break from working non-stop for a year. During that break, my nephew, Elijah, was born.  After a month that Elijah’s parents settling in their new work/life blending schedule, my mother and I had to take care of Eli since I have a home office. It made reflect that someday I want a kid to show him/her what a world (technically in D.C.) we live in and teach my kids what to look for and stray from trouble (mainly NHL Penguins, MLB Phillies, NFL Cowboys). I have plenty of time for a child…just need to find that person who’s willing to compromise.

This year, being a Washingtonian was fun in all fronts. I went to my first rally at the Rally to Restore Sanity and it was the second best event I attended this year, behind Strasmas, which was easily the best event I have attended…ever.  It made me see the potential of D.C. being a sports town in a few years. Also, I have attended and crash HR events this year and brought old friends back in D.C. In those moments, I felt that I own D.C. (which won’t last long).

For 2011, there are two things I want to do. The first is I want to travel more to visit other tweeps I haven’t met yet.  I still don’t have a budget to travel to different cities and meeting my followers/friends. In all instances, I have met the new people in D.C. Just for a couple of times, I wish to travel just to get it over with and see people vomit of my arrival.

The second thing is I’m open to all possibilities. People don’t know this, but I really miss the workplace. Having a home office is fine, but I like the going to the workplace for the people and the surroundings.  Either it will be dealing with my company or as an employee; I want to return to the workplace since I re-establish who I am professionally this year. Next year will (yes, I said WILL) be a big year for me. Everything is in place for success with potential clients, job openings, meeting the rest of the D.C. social media scene, and be proactive of the opportunities out there.

If there is one question I have about 2011, maybe my social profile maxed out.  I love using social media; it has helped me develop and engage in relationships and I will never stop. However, there are more and more people using social media and I’m thinking I have peaked.  Would my friends and followers see me as played out or as some look at me as a “robot” doing the same routine? The reason I love social media is I want to share my stories and thoughts on a variety of topics. I share a lot not because you have to read it, but if you want to have a discussion about it.  I enjoy social media because it is an open forum and I want to know your stories and thoughts are. It still doesn’t help my shyness in public, but I get a better understanding of who you are and hopefully discuss. I hope I don’t become generic in the long run and if so, please tell me.

If 2010 made me realize that I can do it, 2011 will make me say, “Yes I Did!” I have a good feeling for next year…plus it is my 5 year Blogoversary (next month to be exact), so I’m required by law to do it.

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