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If you notice, I hadn’t written anything in the past week. Well, there’s good reason, I went out for 5 days straight from Friday June 23rd to the 28th. Now, I can’t put pictures here because there’s too much kilobytes to handle, but if you go to my Facebook photo account, it will tell the story. The link is on the right side that says “Facebook me!” and click on one of my photo blogs during the SHRM Conference I went. Here are some behind-the-scene details that are not in the photos.


  • Meet all my former co-workers from CTAA to NPR. I also saw the first person from the NPR Interns of 2005, Jill. After that, I went to the National Museum of American history to see Rachel, but no luck, just got the Swedish Chef.
  • Went to Reagan National Airport to greet the New Mexico State people I met last year in San Diego. Gave them gifts, gave them directions and off we go. Well, I needed a dress shirt and bought one, watch soccer, and off we went.
  • The Aggies gang and I went to Adams Morgan since they were looking for great food. Went walking for one hour and finally stop at Al Castino. The food was great and it is a great restaurant with their presentation, atmosphere, and taste.
  • When we left, the NMSU gang took the bus, while I went walking towards the Metro stop. Thirty minutes later, we met again.


  • Went to the student conference (although I’m not a student) to see how my alma mater, George Mason is doing since they are hosting the event. Oh so proud of my former club, I finally did something right. It went well, except my messenger bag broke and bought a new one.
  • After that, I was trying to go to a restaurant at the Metro Center, but saw there was the DC BBQ festival that I overheard. One, the event is $10 to get in, which is typical in an event. But here’s the kicker: You have to pay $2 for one ticket. Then, you hand in the ticket and ask what drink to have. Ok, that’s a little extreme; can the event have a set rate? It was solid, but it could of been better.
  • My final destination for the day, the Jammin’ Java. The Brindley Brothers were playing and were releasing their new CD, Filled With Fire (Buy it at Jammin’ Java, their upcoming concerts, or their website). The reason I want to go is they were the first music group I personally met. In 2004, I was a DJ at WGMU and my timeslot was 5-7PM. Coincidently, the Jazzmans’ Cafe holds the Tuesday Jamz at the same time. The first band I paid attention was the Brindley Brothers. They gave me their CD to play over the air and I promoted their album and tell everyone to go to the Jazzmans’ Cafe to see the guys. It was then I realize I touched gold and began a series of promotions that fall semester of local artists at the Jazzmans’ Cafe. By the way, the album sounds great and they rock the concert.
  • There are two pictures I didn’t post: one was a woman in a bikini in a spa (waiver issues) at the BBQ festival just to show my macho side and the second was taking a picture at the bar at the Jammin’ Java as I accidentally took the picture of the register and woman got pissed at me and I understood when I look at the picture, so its deleted.


  • It rained hard all day.
  • Went to a humorist speaker and sounded a mix between Brett Butler and Roseanne. Favorite joke: I learn line-dancing from those skinny hallways (Then demonstrated).
  • Colin Powell was the guest speaker. He was great telling stories in his time in the Army and his transition phase to retirement. Sat to my former advisor at Mason.
  • Made business deals at the EXPO.
  • Went to the Monstertini Party at LOVE in NE DC. It looks industrial on the outside, but nice inside. Didn’t realize at the end, they ahd an arcade. After the party, the rain came hard and penetrate to the Monster buses. Then I went to the Metro and fun began.
  • The Yellow Line I went to flooded and the train backtrack. then I had a thirty minute delay on each transfer (Yellow to Blue, then Blue to Orange). Got home at 1 AM Monday Morning and had 3 hours of sleep.


  • Got up at 5 AM to attend the early session. Went to the Metro at 6 AM. Got to the Convention Center at 8 AM, and it usually takes 40 minutes.
  • Guest speaker was Louis Gerstner, formerly of IBM. They did the CEO Exchange with Jeff Greenfield of CNN.
  • Attend a couple of sessions and picked up free stuff. Did saw my friend from GW, Stephen, at the workplace law session.
  • Headed back to work to give out free stuff and hand out the Monster Spa Night to one employee (the person who got it didn’t get in because they had a limit of people entered and she stood out in the rain. Felt so guilty, I gave a tote bag with a lot of stuff in it.)
  • Went to the Odyssey because the company that was sponsoring, also sponsored a great party last year in San Diego with the “Some Like It Hot” theme. This year, it was disappointing because it was one boat and two parallel parties. They should have a dinner and dance floor on one end, and a gambling table on the other. Oh, this was my first boat ride ever and although it rained, it was cool to see the Potomac River (although murky)and overseeing DC and Virginia.


  • Finally attended the morning session, but a few minutes late.
  • David McCollugh (1776, John Adams) was the guest speaker. He was great, if you’re talking about parenting.
  • Got a bunch of free stuff to hand out to the employees at Counterpart.
  • Attend more sessions and headed back to work.
  • At my workplace, I emailed everyone that I got free stuff. Soon, a mob of workers were coming to the HR office to get their free stuff. I got pummeled.
  • Headed back to the Convention Center and saw my old friends and people I met last year.
  • The Gladys Knight concert was electric and much more entertaining than last year with Hall and Oates.


  • Liz Murray was the guest speaker and retold her story about being the “Homeless to Harvard” lady, although she has join the HR side, yes.
  • Attended one session and headed back to work.

Overall, I expected better not just of the event but the friends that I expect coming in, but didn’t and realize its the adult life. I wish the rain would of stop a few days, but it continued throughout the event. The only time it shine was the last day of the conference. Either way, it was intriguing and I wouldn’t forget these 5 days (thanks to the new camera I bought last week).

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