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I haven’t been into the movie theatres since November (Harry Potter). By the looks of it, I’m probably have to wait till the DVD comes out. I don’t know any movie that has struck me and say “It’s a must watch.” Movies I want to see (this includes DVD):

  • March of the Penguins
  • Me and You and Everything Else
  • Dave Chappelle’s Block Party
  • King Kong
  • Hustle and Flow
  • Kung Fu Hustle


NBA playoffs: Although exciting, the playoffs are way too long, but we have the best eight teams left, which could be good. The problem with the NBA not a mainstream success like in the 1990s is most of the games are televise and there is no closeness for the teams you’re reeled in. This is a sport where personality matters. As of now, LeBron and Shaq are the closest of a sure thing. If both are gone, say goodbye to high ratings.

The Office: I was skeptical of the US version originally. The British version was the funniest and greatest sitcom ever. The US version is not on that standard, but the episodes are still better than 99% of the current sitcoms. Last week’s complaint episode showed the depth and emotion that none the these shows carry. I hope it becomes of a mainstream hit.

Other shows to watch: Grey’s Anatomy, PTI, PBA Bowling Skills Challenge, New Spongebob episodes.

I haven’t watch American Idol because of the format nor the popularity. The reason is its on FOX and most of the money AI gets goes to Rupert Murdoch, the dictator of the media. Now he has an empire to bring friends and has a satellite dish to steal more money to customers. I just hope there’s a movement to move AI to ABC or PBS, but I’m guessing I’m the only one worried about this.

Next Year: Can’t wait to see ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” from Aaron Sorkin and “Let’s Rob Mick Jagger” from the creators of Ed and former writers of David Letterman starring Donald Logue (Tao of Steve) and Mick Jagger himself. Oh and NBC Sunday Night Football if you count that.


Two really good albums are coming out. I recently bought new Pearl Jam’s new self-titled album. The album is more edgier and has a purpose of a release. This is their best since Vitalogy. The guitar riffs, lyrics, and Eddie Vedder’s voice nearly tells a story of global currents events. There are political references from the troops overseas, “The President,” and big companies. Ignore the politics or not, this is a classic example of a rock album and shows Pearl Jam is back in the sense of mainstream. Another new release coming out this week is the new Red Hot Chili Peppers “Stadium Arcadium” I heard they were all over the map in this double album from rock, rap, country, metal, soul, etc. The first single from the album “Dani California” is a great start and can’t wait what the album sounds like. Seems like the 90s bands are coming back with a sense of purpose. I wonder if C & C Music Factory are coming back?

Other albums to look at:

  • Nickelback – Try get all their album except Curb. Although their released singles are overplayed to the max, they are the mist underappreciated rock band out there. They can play ballads as well as edgier songs like “Never Again” and “Side of a Bullet.” Don’t look at the Nickelback songs companies release, listen to all the albums and you can thank me.
  • Fort Minor – “Remember the Name” – I’m guessing this will come to nearest arena and stadium to you.
  • Notables – Brindley Brothers, Adamson Square, Collective Soul, Seether.

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