My weekend

A few times, I’m going to write about my weekends because I rarely go out. This is one of those instances:


After work, my brother, Nathan and I went to the Fairfax Fair (Celebrate Fairfax to be exact). The only reason we wanted to go was the Collective Soul concert. I’ve been a huge fan of Collective Soul since their debut in 1993 and their popular song, “Shine.” Just before the concert, rain pour down hard in Fairfax for twenty minutes. Let me say the rain was cold, we didn’t had an umbrella and before Collective Soul came out, I said, “This is the best concert ever.” I never had this experience with rain and the concert and I must say the experience was terrific. I felt like I was a true diehard fan and concert goer. At least Collective Soul came out to their normal show. The concert was excellent and they sounded great on stage (I can’t say that of many bands). All drenched and such, my brother and I headed to the carnival, met my former classmates from Fairfax (and Westmore for Dan), and burn money and get a huge prize for pride. Guess what happened?

You guess it…Spend $20 and got nothing. Then we called it a night.


Nothing happened except watching the World Cup and got the electricity out for 2 hours (the reason for my “overnapping”) because my father was fixing the ceiling fan. By the way, next month or so, DC is going to be crowded with crazed fans because of the World Cup and tomorrow is going to be busy because of US playing in the afternoon during lunch time. For my money, I go to Rumors in NW DC to get my watching, as well as a good conversation.


Celebrated my other brother, Thanh’s (or “TK” for the public) birthday. Just one more year until he approaches 30. Celebrate with a more Southwest flavor with steak and tacos. Celebrated in the afternoon and went back to normal. Tomorrow, I’m watching Entourage (Finally caught to all the episodes on DVD and its a great show, very fast-paced and realistic about the Hollywood life). Shockingly, I just realize today that Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and his wife (Perrey Reeves) were also on Old School. Wow, I wonder how many of those stars became so popular in that movie? For my money, the most famous one is Rob Corddry.

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