Personal PSA: I’m on Waivers

Over four years ago, I would never dream about owning a business, but with the terrible situation I was in at that time, I had to make a move. I got some advice from my alums at George Mason, Facebook, fellow HR/recruiting peers, family  and some friends to start initially a contingent recruiting firm, which is currently a recruiting consulting firm for nonprofits and associations.

I was excited to kick my business into gear. Then I realize, I was starting when the recession hit in 2008. I had little to no business in my first year and trying to stay alive. Luckily, I saved my salary and vacation money to carry me over a year.  During that one year, I discover how to use social media not only personally, but professionally. When I establish my foothold in social media,  clients came by and business started to pick up.  My HR/recruiting expertise plus social media gave me an advantage for more clients. 2010 and 2011 were great years for my business and I was optimistic my business would carry through 2012.

The first month was great with the D.C. Greatest Sports Fan contest and publicity from Tony Kornheiser that I got some requisitions. However, 2012 has been a huge downhill as the elections were coming and dealing with my clients, donations were down and state and federal funding have been slashed, hence not a lot of job openings for my clients and likely not  going to use me for a while.

Thus, I’m announcing that I’m on the Waiver Wire (I was going to say Free Agent, but Dan Pink stole my thunder).

So, I come to you to help me find my next opportunity. Essentially, I’m looking for a recruiter position, contract or full-time; an HR position, either as administrator or generalist, preferably in nonprofits/associations or an organization that is creative and think outside-the-box. I also have being going outside of HR and looking at career services jobs since a lot of people still ask me for advice and thinking looking into being a community manager since I deal with George Mason Business School alums for almost four years, voluntary and, if this counts, the #nats and #mrtony hashtag. I would like to still be in the D.C. area, but if anyone wants me outside the D.C. Metro area area, I can work virtually or travel for a few weeks.

Also, if you’re wondering, although I’m closing Tran Recruiting for now, I will continue NatsJobs for next year. It is under construction as I’m updating the web and mobile site for next year and currently looking for a co-founder who is a web/mobile developer.

So if you know an organization that  is looking, please forward my information:

  • Linkedin: my profile
  • Twitter: use hashtag #hiretracy or if that’s too common, #hirethisdope
  • Quora: WWTNTD?
  • Pinterest/Instagram: Use an embarrassing profile pic of me. Free shot.
  • Foursquare: feels stalkerish. You can skip that.
  • Prefer by email, reply to me at

Being an entrepreneur was the best career move I made so far as I set the standard, meeting wonderful people, had a variety of ideas for different clients, and controlling my own destiny. As Tony Kornheiser would say every June, “I had a great run!” I really did, but onto the next chapter in my career.

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