Pushing Daisies Episode 8 Cliff Notes Version

From the searches I’m getting, people wanted to see Pushing Daisies last night from my point of view.  I would like to say I apologize for not giving a heads up because I went to a happy hour networking event for business last night.  Sadly, it’s going to happen again since I’m going to an event next Wednesday as well, but I will be back on the Series Finale.  Just to note, I did see the last 10 minutes of the show.  Here’s the Cliff Notes version if I were live-blogging:

  • Ned learn how to party with pies.  No wonder he had a sad life.
  • Oh boy, Josh Randall as Chuck’s Dad.  You know that means:  $10 bets
  • The passing of the torch:  Jimmy James of NewsRadio to Mike in Ed.  You know why I love this show.
  • I don’t why people hate the show.  People who died are the bad ones, while the others are having second chances and make the most of it.  Who said it’s a crappy show?
  • Not enough Wilbon, but got in some good zingers.
  • Of course, a guy who ate too much fried chicken is guilty.  But a person who eats potatoes and fries are never guilty.
  • The fashion of this episode…Not their best.
  • The crossover episode was ok, but the episode seemed disappointing after the hype of the crossover episode.
  • It would be sad to see the show go, but I like the creator keeping hope of making comic books and a possible movie.  Hope my business comes through to see that movie.
  • Anyone else live-blogging next week for Pushing Daisies?

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