How to Write The Job Description

Written by Tracy

This post will show you how to write the new job description for my site. I will be authorizing the job opening to see if it meets most, if not all, of the requirements, so have almost everything that is listed.

First: How to put media on your job posts:

You can embed photos, audio, videos, infographics, gifs, memes, or any other media source to enhance your job description. Do not put too much media because it will slow up the site. Use media that’s relevant to your business and position. Here are steps to embed for various media.

How to embed a YouTube video:

For photos, watch the same video above and instead of Youtube, put your Flickr album link. If Flickr is not your preference, I recommend Pinterest for a photo gallery for your workplace:

Visit Tracy's profile on Pinterest.

If you see a hyperlink for Pinterest, don’t worry about it. click on “Preview Changes” to see if it shows up. If not, you can contact me.

If you want to put audio through SoundCloud, do the same like you did for YouTube and Flickr:

You can copy and past pictures, gifs, memes, and infographics onto here by right-click on the subject and click “Copy Image” like this.


***Now to construct the job description***

To put the logo of your business, scroll down and to the lower right, click on “Featured Image” and upload your logo.

Title: The title of the job.

Location: The location of the job.

Employment type: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract, Temp to Hire, Internship, Volunteer, Other.

Company Description: Describe what your company does. (Pictures, Video, Audio can be placed here)

Job Summary: A summary of what the person will be doing.

(Infographics or Video are best in this section. To create an infographic, you can ask your marketing department or create your own.)

Duties & Responsibilities: List of tasks the position will be doing.

(Infographics, video, audio, are best used here)

Projects: List of projects to prepare for the applicant. This has to be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results, and Timely).

Ex. By August 1, Company X implements a new performance management system for HR and Talent staff using clearly defined processes and guidelines so employees and managers can more competently evaluate performance and develop their careers. 

Qualifications and Skills: List of skills, experience, and knowledge for the position.

Upcoming Events: List upcoming events your business will be attending like job fairs, colleges, online chats, networking events, sponsored events (like a charity race or attending a sporting event) and others. You can list personal events as well, but ask your colleagues permission to events their attending. Please use hyperlinks to the events you’re attending, if the event is online for registration.


February 4, 2015: HRA-NCA Job Seekers Group “Finding Opportunities” – Washington, DC

How to Apply/Contact: You can provide a direct link or provide an email address for people to apply. I would also recommend adding your contact information if people have questions about the job.


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