Sports Tidbits

I’ve always love the Super Bowl.  The teams are fighting for the championship.  It is the last battle, but it seems now its a huge convention of people who don’t have lives.  The problem with the Super Bowl and other events such as Sundance and the Olympics is that it has succumb to corporate pressure.  Sure, its capitalism and I understand everything is a “business,” but there should be a better motive.  I think the Super Bowl should be the people’s convention and businesses will be coming instantly to ask the city for space.  Think, everyone goes to the Super Bowl site and people chatting with each other.  There should be tons of events sponsored by businesses.  Car shows, business networking, betting, a company field trip.  Possibly, people might meet the players.  A great way to raise the city’s profile.  Instead, its a celebrity playground with most of them don’t care what is going on, they want a piece of the pie.  It should be a great game with Colts-Bears, but that’s not even going to be the focal point, which is very sad.

Speaking of booming, I can’t believe I’m saying this:  The Washington Wizards are in first place of the Eastern Conference.  It feels weird saying that, but the Wizards do have a great shot of going to the Finals.  Let me say, they better be because think of a Phoenix-Washington final.  Every sports fan needs to watch it because you can bet there will be little defense and non-stop offense.  This is what basketball is all about.

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