The 2016 Elections

Written by Tracy

Last Tuesday, I was distraught of how the the Presidential elections went and couldn’t sleep that Donald Trump was elected President; and to this day, I still have trouble thinking of that. People are figuring out why this happened. The many reasons people give why Hillary lost and Trump won:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Misogyny
  • Media coverage
  • Wikileaks
  • People wanted change
  • White power
  • Had enough of the Clintons
  • Third Party Candidates
  • Ignorance
  • Gerrymandering and Voter ID laws
  • Millennials didn’t show up

Here’s what I think: I agree on everything people thought she lost, but I want delve into the Clinton part. People think Clinton was the better candidate, and she was, and won the popular vote, but you get voted through the electoral college, and no matter how antiquated the system is, you play by the rules and Hillary didn’t do enough. It wasn’t that a bunch of racist and sexist people all came. Trump had less voters than Mitt Romney and John McCain. Hillary didn’t rile up the Obama coalition and that was her weakness: she played by the rules. She was your standard politician that, for some, rub them the wrong way. She was smart and wonkish, but was stubborn and not charismatic enough for a few. That few were the blue-collar workers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Here’s the thing: in Wisconsin and in Michigan, Hillary lost by 10000-20000 votes. If she focus enough on those states or selected Bernie Sanders of Sherrod Brown as Vice President, this might be a different election. Instead, they went to the candidate that talked to them about the good ol’ days.

Of note: I did voted for Hillary because of what happened in the 2013 Virginia Governors’ race between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli. I never did like both candidates. McAuliffe was a snake businessman and Cuccinelli was a right-wing nut. I voted for a write-in for a random person. McAuliffe won and has done a solid job. Hillary saw her friend do his job, so why not her. I hope the same thing for Trump, but the odds are slim.

I also think this is the Democrats fault as well. Look who were the past DNC Chairpeople (via Wikipedia):

Ed Rendell 1999–2001 Pennsylvania
Joseph Andrew 1999–2001 Indiana
Terry McAuliffe 2001–05 Virginia
Howard Dean 2005–09 Vermont
Tim Kaine 2009–11 Virginia
Donna Brazile 2011 Louisiana
Debbie Wasserman Schultz 2011–16 Florida
Donna Brazile 2016– Louisiana

I highlighted Howard Dean because the rest, you see on the list, were former Clinton friends and colleagues. Those associate lost the House and played see-saw on the Senate. Howard Dean was the only one who gained the House, Senate, and the Presidency on this list and was not associated with the Clintons. By the way, where was the Obama coalition on this list? The past 24 years, the DNC has been dominated by Clintons. Obama in 2008 was supposed to be the sign the Clinton era was ending. This is not a knock on Clinton, who wanted and was qualified to be President. The problem was her friends and colleagues focused too much on her running for President in 2016 instead of improving the Democrats bench in the other states. This is why people got tired of Clinton and this is why people are asking sweeping changes in the DNC.

The New Administration

What should I expect in the new administration? Well, this looks like 2000 all over again. If George W. Bush was the bar, I hope Trump reaches that bar. Odds are slim, but if he does reach that, then fine. Basically, this administration will hit the reset button and repeat 2001-2005. The biggest test is how the new administration will react to a natural disaster?

What’s Next?

The Republicans have control of the House, Senate, and Presidency for the next two, likely four years. I assume 2018 is going to be big with the midterm elections, but the majority of the Senate seats will be up from Democratic states, and 4-5 from Republicans. Also, House Democrats need to overtake 60-70 House races to regain the House, which will be very tough. The best way the Democrats to have control is on the local level. 2018 is home of the key governor races around the country, that includes Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. This is where the DNC can take advantage…if they do it right.

DNC are thinking of an overhaul and the leading candidate is Representative Keith Ellison to be the Chairman, who is outside the Democratic (or Clinton) establishment. If that’s the case, that’s a good first step to recovery and are prepared to rebuild for 2018. As for 2020, people are banking on Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker as front-runners, but lookout for Mark Cuban, Kamala Harris, and a wild card (not Kayne).

As for the short-term, the Trump Presidency does mean good for businesses and government contracting and a lot of turnover in the federal space. In the long-term, that might be hard to sustain and we’ll see four years from now, his audience will follow him for re-election


We are seeing some posts of white supremacy and protests of Trump being President-elect. We’re on the stage of getting out of the system of how we’re feeling. We are also still very divided as a nation. Hillary winning the popular vote and Trump won the electoral college does not mean a mandate for either party.

Also, you’re hearing people about moving to Canada and other places. Here’s the thing: Europe, United States, and Canada have expanded their far right reach that whites should be the only dominant race. I rather stay and fix things instead of escaping trouble where it could get worse.

The media is useless these days and frankly, gives a reason movies are great predictors of the future like Back To the Future II and NetworkThis is why Jeff Zucker was the worst thing to happen on CNN and who would of thought CNN would be a right-wing challenger to Fox News? In addition, with the internet (especially Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and 4Chan), any story can be believable and can be shared to a network of your friends, who can false rage about the story. This is why follow the best objective (or try to be objective) reporters, nationally and locally, and donate to a journalism school, as Brian Stelter says.

The United States is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and that’s who we are. Although Trump is President-elect, states voted to legalized marijuana, Florida’s “Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice,” which would benefit the utilities corporations, several diverse new Senators, and a new North Carolina governor, if the recount holds. We’re a weird bag.

If you like the result, be excited and hope the new administration will meet your needs that doesn’t involve hating or killing of people. If you don’t like the result, organize and fight for what you believe and the one thing you need that has not been mentioned: be patient. It might suck in the next 4 years, but organize and have a plan. I’m a realist and it’s going to be bad, but this country is resilient. This is going to be the biggest test.

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