The Final Week

I still haven’t recovered from GMU’s Final Four run, but finally this is my last week. I failed; but I am trying to recover this week (Thank gosh (playing conservative) I have Friday off).

Also, I went to my first seminar and it was very interesting. I refresh on all those grammar rules we learned as kids. I didn’t know companies are the ones messing up. In the seminar, I learned:

  • The postal office doesn’t require a comma on city state (i.e. Kansas City MO)
  • The grocery store or any store that says “10 items or less” must say “10 items or fewer” since fewer means you actually count.
  • The and situation where we list this, that and these. That was made up by Grammarians (don’t laugh). These people want to keep current and want to to reduce characters in our standard writing.

It was surprisingly effective, although the room was hot that I couldn’t pay attention.

And remember kids: you can end a sentence with a preposition.

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