The Game

I have been a Redskins fan all my life. The only thing that left out was I have never attended a game. Well, that change this past Monday.

My brother Nathan (first-timer as well) and I went to the game Monday after I bought the tickets for charity. Initially, I thought the seats before going to the stadium were way high and we couldn’t see anything. Surprisingly, the seats were up close than I thought. A word of caution; when your heading to the stadium, bring straight cash. Now the cliff notes version of our outing:

  • I expected food to be expensive, but the food was very salty. The hot dog, fries, and peanuts were very salty, yet it was addictive. Damn those people.
  • The September 11th tribute was simple, yet you feel very patriotic when you see the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. It does give you chills.
  • I have been to a couple of sporting events and concerts, but FedEx Field was the loudest I’ve been to.
  • Watching football doesn’t do justice of watching a live football game. I actually knew the players were open and see the big holes the offensive line did.
  • To be honest, I thought I was a good luck charm when Ryan Longwell kicked on our side. I was two for three: The holder botched the extra point, and Longwell missed a long field goal. The one “miss” for me: the game-winning FG.
  • Crisp weather that night. I really want to go to a snow game.
  • The bathrooms smell like a bigger version of a toilet; it reeks.
  • My choice of clothing: Darrell Green jersey for the Skins and a Tony Kornheiser shirt underneath to support Tony’s first real game.
  • The game was exciting and nerve-wrecking. The last play when John Hall missed the field goal, our section thought he made it. He missed it, but when coming home, John Hall missed it by miles.
  • Met a couple of nice people and a drunk person who got kicked out during the 4th quarter. Typical stuff.

Since it was our first game, for one second, we would want to attend another game. Watching TV and pay attention to fantasy is great in all, but you must attend a football game one day to be part of the experience. My photos are on Facebook if your interested:

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