The Lisa Loeb Experience: The Hamilton Edition

Written by Tracy

When I heard Lisa Loeb was coming back to perform in D.C. yesterday, I knew I need to buy a ticket…and it must be seated. Lisa is also the first act I have seen twice, so that’s a personal milestone for me. This concert is more stripped-down as Lisa went for the acoustic-electric guitar combo with his partner, Chris Unck instead of a full band at the Jammin’ Java last year.

This is the second time I’ve been to The Hamilton, the first time at their concert stage and I knew the stage would be bigger than usual because The Hamilton was originally Borders. The Hamilton is more of a bigger, upscale version of the Jammin’ Java and if you are at standing room only, you could watch the concert on the TV screen to get an up close look at the performer. Although, I was sad, the concert menu does not include the cheese tots (or as I like to call it, “The Hamilton’s attempt of Psych’s Quatro Queso Dos Fritos).

After Tom McBride perform his set, it was Lisa Loeb…and already, she forgot the song. I said this when she came by the Jammin’ Java that although she wouldn’t remember some of the songs since it’s been a long time she sung adult songs, her wit, self-deprecation, and her coolness makes the shows very enjoyable, even when she makes mistakes.

Lisa did play a few of her old songs, a few from “No Fairy Tale” and a few kids songs. By the way, Lisa doesn’t want any complaints of why her show plays kids songs. I won’t…I requested it:

The only song she debut was “3,2,1, Let’s Go” from the upcoming movie, Helicopter Mom, for which she has a small role as a teacher. Here’s a sneak peek of the song:

Lisa told many stories from people saying they live in D.C./Bethesda, new/old guitar strings, summer camp, proposing for her own online show, and of course, the 20th Anniversary of “Stay.” She was also distracted by the chocolate malt shake the kid was drinking in front of her.

One of my favorite segments of the show was “Jenny Jenkins” where fans selected a color and Lisa sings them. The two most obscure selections were magenta and chartreuse. This was Lisa’s attempt:

  • Mageneta -> Yetta (In hindsight, I should of blurted out “Retta” from Parks and Recreation).
  • Charteuse -> Masseuse was the one she used. I blurted out “Le Sooz” in honor of Susan O’Malley.

At the end of the show, Lisa did her meet and greet, and I became prepared to have a photo with her since I didn’t do it the first time around last year. I was going to use my phone, but that died on me. So, I use, I used my iPad to make this magic happened:

2014-05-25 22.56.13

Overall, another great concert by Lisa Loeb and Chris Unck. The best part of it
is that she says she knows me on Twitter 🙂 Next time she’s in town, I hope it’s at Celebrate Fairfax! or in two years at #SHRM16 in D.C. (HR vendors: get to work). I love that she goes with the flow and nothing stops her from her tracks…except guitar strings 😉

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