The Metro Adventures, Part Ummm…I lost count.

The DC Metro is like the DC traffic: You enjoy the service, but one minute into it, the honeymoon is gone. I would think the DC Metro would learn its lesson. I guess not.

The first part of the story was my mistake. After work, I went to the Yellow line to transfer to the Green Line at L’Enfant Plaza. Went across the platform and got to the train…only to realize I went to the Yellow to Huntington. I transfer to the Yellow again at the Pentagon and heading to Mt. Vernon and double check that I went to the right train. I did, but now the fun begins.

I got to the right train (Green Line to Branch Avenue). However there was a hold up when someone got sick. I will say people yelled and complained (including me) about everyone exiting the train, but later on, everyone realize it was serious. So, everyone cross platforms since the train was not going to move. Now there are three trains that are going in different directions sharing one line. Twenty minutes later, the Green Line to Branch Avenue came by. One problem: the train overshot its stop. I was close at the end of the platform, so I had no chance going in but digress.  The train filled up quickly and I and many others were left out.  Then the announcer told us that the train from the other side is back running, meaning crossing platforms again. This time, I got in and everything is back to normal. Well, there is one tidbit from L’Enfant Plaza to the Stadium.

When I entered the train, I had to squeeze through the other passengers and hopefully make room for the other impatient (I don’t blame them) riders. When the doors closed, I was surrounded by Phillies, Nationals, one Orioles fan, and a woman. The latter is important because she’s a very attractive woman. Now, you’re wondering why you want to tell this part of the story.  One message: “What comes around goes around.” In my many trips to Metro, I’ve seen many beautiful women coming to the Metro (especially the one with curly, blonde hair, fit, carries a pink bag and departs at Crystal City in the morning.  That’s for another matter).  However, in a “crisis” like this, you appreciate what surrounds you and I got lucky with this one. In other cases, it will be all guys surrounding or a woman who did not put deodorant before boarding the Metro. At least I have my moment in the sun when I was standing next to her. Now the other question you’re wondering: Did you ever made a move on her?  Put it this way; she was accompanied by her father.  End of story.  However, in that train, everyone had a lot of conversation and positive vibes came out of it and we all agree Metro needs to fixed their transportation as soon as possible.

During the game, these came in my thoughts:

  • Obama wins the majority of pledge delegates and Hillary is still fighting.  Hillary, your spotlight is over.  You’re not fighting, you’re being desperate.
  • How in the hell did the Chicago Bulls get the number one pick in this year’s NBA draft?  Did one of the Bulls representative slept with David Stern?
  • Six Degrees of Wikipedia is a fun game.
  • I hope there’s a Lakers-Celtics final.
  • What’s my next outfit to the Brewers and Cardinals game coming up?

By the way, it was an entertaining low-scoring game (sarcasm not included), but the Phillies edge out the Nats, 1-0.

Riding home, I sat with a guy who was talking about baseball and told stories like I was his grandson.  It was very touching to end this crazy day.  Although it was nuts, it was enjoyable and stress-free (except crossing the platform 4 times).

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