The Metro Is At It Again

Written by Tracy

I have written many times about the Metro (subway, if you’re reading this outside of D.C.). One of my most popular posts was actually based on an article of Cliff Lee. I regularly use public transportation because 1) I love it and 2) I’m a triple threat on the road (short, Far East Asian, longtime D.C. Metro area native). I wish the Metro could of improved. Although we now have the Silver Line, nothing has changed.

Last week, one of the trains, en route to L’Enfant Plaza, was held for electrical trouble, but the lack of communication among Metro employees (and D.C. respondents) put the train on hold for almost an hour. In the meantime, the electrical failure caused the smoke to come to the train and Metro didn’t do anything for that hour. As a result, one person died and a few were injured. It was the first casualty of the Metro since the Fort Totten accident six years ago.

I wish there’s a solution to this, but if the board is going to behave like nothing is happening, why bother? The board members act like they want their name on the board to put on their resume for their next job.

There are only two real solutions to this:

1. Give them money either going to their rides or a company pays for advertisement and billboards (I still believe Metro needs to open the doors for companies to pay to plaster a station with ads, which I think worked best).

2. Bombard the WMATA and the WMATA Board of Directors with emails and phone calls. Here’s the contact info for some on the Board and when you write or call them, please be respectful and courteous. You can be angry, but don’t go over the top. Remember, volume with specifics counts:

Mortimer Downey

Alvin Nichols

Catherine Hudgins
(703) 478-0283,  TTY 711

James Dyke
(703) 712-5449

Jack Evans
(202) 724-8058

Harriet Tregoning

Michael Goldman

Matthew Brown

Artis Hampshire-Cowan
(202) 806-2250 (HQ number)

William Euille

Mary Hynes

Tom Bulger

Anthony Costa

Kathy Porter

Oh, don’t forget to contact Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Mayor Muriel Bowser (email), and Gov. Larry Hogan about this issue as well.

I did not know this until last week, but WMATA has the second most efficient mass transit system in the U.S. To answer that question: Seriously? If WMATA is that efficient, it is time for the board to raise their game to not only second in the U.S., but hopefully around the top 5 in the world. One accident is too many; two in the last six years is mind-boggling. Is there an answer in the near future?

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