The Silver Anniversary of Moi

I rarely toot my own horn on my birthday but the number 25 is a good number to talk about since that’s the age you reach your physical peak and 25 is considered the silver anniversary (Personally, I prefer chrome).  Other numbers you should celebrate:

18 – Freedom
21 – Drinking Party
30 – Entering a mid-life crisis
35 – Eligible to be President of the United States (of course, that’s going to happen :))
40 – First time you feel old
50 – Golden Anniversary
65 – Collect your Social Security money.

Here’s a quick review of my life, if you care for some reason:

Here as a baby:

Here as a young kid:  

Here as a senior and the last time I wore a bow tie:

Here in college (ok, this was after I graduated.  I was cheap then):

Here is me now (How do you like me, now?  Crap, I’m singing to Toby Keith):

Damn, I look like a champion [The Office silence] [Tracy runs to the back]. 
For the people who already send wishes or people going to send wishes, Thank You!

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