The State of the Union speech

Just finally “covered” the State of the Union speech, and basically all I can say is… nothing. If you live under a rock, you know George W. would pull the driver on the War on Terrorism/Iraq and other issues having a blurb. We know everyone’s position that Bush is using the war for oil (Even Bush said America is greed in oil) and setting “their” government. Well, look what happening in the Middle East: a split among religious groups, government, power, greed, etc. It has gotten worse in the Middle East and the Hamas victory last week was the big middle finger to not only the U.S., but for the people who think they are weak. Our problem in the states is everyone believes were not only bullies, but dictators and is a cult that the Bush administration believes democracy always works. We have soldiers fighting for oil which now serves as a cash cow for oil companies and making record profits. The sad part about it is the Democrats don’t have the conviction to take a stand because they want to be centered and impress both sides. On the foreign side, it’s nothing new but the same argument that will maybe last for a long time.

On the domestic side, he didn’t say that much except healthcare and education. Well, he opened the can of worms because social security, healthcare, and the huge deficit are in a deep ditch and the Democrats can take advantage in the midterm elections. With Bush using this as bullet points, he is opening up a change in Congress in November.

Honestly, the speech serves as a one-trick pony and that is the War on Terrorism. It is persuasive because of win-lose mentality effect on ourselves, but after its all done, would the US be in a big hole with numerous domestic and possibly foreign issues in the next ten years? That question remains to be seen. All I can say is lookout for China.

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