The Strasburg

Before I begin, it should be noted from here on out, I’m calling Stephen Strasburg, “The Strasburg.”

Yesterday, I went to The Strasburg press conference to not only see The Strasburg speak, but see the real, devoted Nationals fans in attendance.  There were around 200, but most of them were under the facade since the seats were sitting on coals.  I was dumb enough to take a front seat along the third base side to see the press conference.  There was nothing special about the press conference, but it was important to see The Strasburg show off his new jersey and supporting the team (Good Move, The Strasburg).

After the press conference, the Nationals front office held a town hall meeting.  That lasted five minutes not because of protesters, but mother nature, although you could argue mother nature could be protesters.  After a few hours and food from Five Guys (not at the park, but at Navy Yard), it was time for the game.

The game was anti-climatic as the Nats lose to the Brewers 7-3.  The only exciting parts to came out from the game was the heavy downpour, and the rainbow before the game.  One thing of note: Teddy lost the race again.  Although the Nats lost, there was some positive things to came out of the day and for the future.

As you know, I’ve been calling out the Nationals for many different things from the front office, their play, the lousy music, the uniforms, you name it.  The reason I did The Strasburg Signing Deadline Countdown was to see if the Nationals are serious about building a team in DC.  It’s not important if The Strasburg does great with the Nats, although that’s would be a nice bonus.  The key is if the Nats care about being cheap or really care about their investment. In the past two months, the Nationals:

  • Traded Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan to Pittsburgh for Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett.  Trade is looking good so far.
  • Trade Nick Johnson to the Marlins for prospects.
  • Sign The Strasburg before the deadline.
  • Mike Rizzo became the permanent General Manager of the Nationals.
  • $1 all day passes which include the press conference, town hall, and the game.  Attendance was 75% capacity that day, which is not bad for a terrible team.
  • I did not hear a song from Jonas Brothers or any awkward intro music of players (i.e. Nick Johnson and “Sexyback”).
  • “We Want The Strasburg” chants were not only from baseball.  Redskins fans were chanting during a preseason game against the Steelers.

From the looks of it, the Nationals future looks bright and cannot wait for next year, where the team comes full circle…ok, they’re not going to win the division or the wild card, but with Bryce Harper in the 2010 Amateur Draft next year, the Nationals could be the great relatives of the 1994 Montreal Expos.

The Strasburg has arrived in DC

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