The #TracyBurger

Written by Tracy

As most of you know who have been following me on my social networks and this blog, my burger, the Tracy Burger, won the fan vote for BGR The Burger Joint‘s January Burger of the Month. I can announce from now until January 12, you can order the Tracy Burger at your local BGR restaurant (DC/MD/VA/Memphis/Atlanta/Clemson/Danbury, CT/NY. Sorry West Coast and most of the Midwest. You have to travel immediately).

The Tracy Burger consists of the patty of your choice (Turkey (Lean Tracy), Veggie (Skinny Tracy), or The Original (All Tracy. You know that’s right 😉 )); The Works (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mojo sauce); Spice It Up (Pepper Jack, Grilled Jalapeños, BGR Spicy Sauce); Bacon; French Fries; and BBQ Sauce.

I want you to cherish my burger and keep it in your memory. If you try my burger at your local BGR restaurant, post a photo of you or your group of friends/co-workers eating my burger on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or video of you (or your group) eating it on Vine or Instagram using the hashtag #TracyBurger. The best ones gets special recognition from me (TBD).

Enjoy the Tracy Burger!


Of note: BGR The Burger Joint did give me a $50 gift card for winning the fan vote contest. The picture/video contest is not affiliated with BGR The Burger Joint. I want a gallery of people eating my burger in these two weeks for my own amusement.


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