The Vagina Monologues

If you know me, and let me reiterate it again;  I rarely go out.  Last Friday, I attended the Vagina Monologues to support my friend, who was in the play.  I know what the play was about, but I didn’t know how long it was because I’m worried I have to stay in my seat for 3 hours.  It was well less (A little over 2 hours).   Anyway, it’s a bunch of monologuesdealing with the struggles and retribution of a woman, or in this case, their vagina.  This is not a play per se, but a caring message about taking care of a woman’s vagina.   I heard positives and negatives about the play and I would say I understand the play and its time.  There are some criticism that this takes the wrong vision of feminism and the play doesn’t involve men.  Well, in my opinion, this is a woman’s point of view of what she sees daily.  There at times women are urges, a man asking for a showing, a woman experimenting.  Each monologue holds a different view, which suppose to give options.  All it says is a woman must be independent and make the best choice for yourself.  I think it’s our different POVs that there are mixed reviews, but if you’re an independent woman, I would go see this play.

My favorite segment: Remaining C—(I can say cock, it’s the other c-word I can’t say because I’m a guy and don’t want to pull a Larry David)

My favorite quote:  From my friend —  “The clitoris is a nerve bundle made up of 8,000 nerves ends, twice as much as the penis.  Why carry a hand gun when you have a semi-automatic?”

The only regret:  Somebody outbid me for the Hot-n-Cold Teddy Bear and the Big Fat Blue Penguin.  >:(

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