Too Good to Pass Up

This has to be the funniest cover story I’ve seen.  It’s the terrorist hoax of not radicalists, but a popular cartoon that looks like the drawing were from the 1980s.  To summarize the story:

  • Turner asked Adult Swim to create an ad campaign for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force (ATHF) movie.
  • Adult Swim decided to make a viral campaign with Lite-Brite Moonities, scattering the U.S. in ten cities.
  • One city official saw the “bomb” and called in reinforcements, which created chaos and uncertainty in Boston.
  • Two people were arrested for creating a widespread panic in Boston.  Oh, here is their picture:



  • Turner apologizes and paid $500,000 to Boston.

Here’s who shall get the blame:  EVERYONE!!!

Blame the Boston city official for making the story is huge and overreacted on a toy.  Yes, a bomb can be anything, but there are investigations and proper care of preventing a bomb and I’m really scared by this:


The only two that can be guarantee bombs are:      


Blame those two dopes who put those signs.  It’s not that they put up the signs; they didn’t know what to do when the police caught them and had no idea what is the next step.  If you saw the press conference, they talked about haircuts.  Some say its funny and I was amused, but they did the same thing in court, being hysterical through the process.  If I were them, make sure the case is taking care of and then you can tell everyone about your adventure. 

Blame the media for making this stunt as part of a terrorism hoax.  This is why people don’t trust journalists here in the US.  Most of the media said it was a terrorism hoax and these two people who think they can make a nuclear reaction like this season’s 24.  You see the line blurred between opinion and fact.  Would you expect these two blowing up Boston?  I would think they would turn it to Seattle East, but not cause panic with a toy.   You know what to solve this problem:  Research!  It can give you a quick and accurate answer.  I guess we lost that after the O.J. trial.

Partly blame Adult Swim for not telling the cities in advance.  I understand they want to do this privately, but realistically, name a city official who would know Aqua Teen Hunger Force?  They should of told them immediately, but they’re getting the attention, which any company is looking for.  Also, good for them to just accept responsibility and take the strain on their side.  But the majority of the blame goes to the Bush administration.  After 9/11, they have used fear tactics to tell people this country is not safe and buy stuff from “recommended companies” and let everyone be insecure.  With their actions, the US is now the hated by a good amount of countries, we are in the wrong war, and using religion as a ploy.  Since everyone is worried about terrorism, the two big events were a natural disaster and a cartoon character.   Terrorism is a big deal, but we are creating that monster as well, and thankfully, we have a true checks and balances in DC right now to create damage control.  Thank you, Mr. President of doing your work of making America safe.

The result will be the guys will not be charged, the case will be dropped, and those guys will be folk heroes. Boston will need an intervention.  If a cartoon character cause panic, just wait till the Red Sox don’t make it to the playoffs or the Yankees beating them.  Doctors all over the country would come to Boston.  The ATHF movie will do good business, but don’t expect $100 million.  But thankfully they’re getting the publicity because it is a funny show.  But the bigger result from this is the generational divide is much bigger that we anticipated.  Beyond religion, race, and social life, the generational divide takes all of that and rolls it into one.   Probably in the next 10-15 years, this might not be an issue and peace could be coming with new blood, but we’re not in that level yet unfortunately.

A couple of things:

  • I want the Colts to win, and they should win over the Bears 27-17 to give Peyton Manning a title he deserves.
  • The next couple of months will be interesting for me.  I can’t give a lot of details, but there could be change on its way.

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