Tracy’s Random Thoughts: April 2009 Edition

Spring is here, and I know I’m going to get allergies sometime soon.  Let’s go:

1. The Tax Day Teabag party

In the big picture, this is a waste of time arguing for what?  No taxes?  Hating on Obama?  Want to start a revolution?  It’s also weird that Faux News is supporting the event that they say will rise like the Million Man March.  That’s all fine and good, but if they read Nate Silver’s column on “bipartisanship,” Obama is doing his best in theory to look at conservative issues and implement it in most of the bills.  Instead of collaboration with the Democrats, the GOP are creating propaganda that they have the answers, but don’t.  So, they tried to act like they’re opposing Obama’s views, but instead looking at the party and not the paper.  If there is one winner for this teabag party, it’s the tea companies like Nestea and Lipton.  Also, I better hope when they protest, it better smell fruity and nutty in DC when I come by today.  I would also like a counter-protest put up a sign like this:

2. Gun Control

I saw the 60 Minutes story on guns and frankly I am scared what’s this going to be in the near future: 

The feature mentions shootings in Binghamton, NY; Oakland, CA; and Pittsburgh, PA.  What’s also scary is the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a very powerful and brilliant lobby.  The NRA selected blue dog Democrats who support guns and promote them in the election since the GOP is tanking.  What the NRA has is created a mind-frame that if we’re in a recession or depression, people must own a gun to protect their future.  A gun as our LAST RESORT?!!!  Sadly, they created that mindset and it’s working.  Also, there are no background checks on gun shows and the NRA made the argument that if you take away their guns, you’re taking their rights.  That is a bunch of bullsh*t if I heard one, but the NRA  mostly brainwash most of these people and we’re stuck with lawless gun activity. 

What’s sad is Congress and the White House can’t do anything because of the voters and people can own a gun at anytime, which includes immigrants since there is no checkpoint.  I know the economy and foreign policy is important, but when that is settled, this better be in the front burner because not only we have people killing each other, but we have people killing endangered animals.  For the people who read this: we are not trying to take away your guns or throw away the second amendment.  All we ask for is restrictions so there is a background check to prevent it from the wrong hands.  Guns will still exist, but do it in the right way to protect you.

3. Obama

The economy is steadily growing;  he made the call on the snipers shooting the pirates;  picked a national champion in college basketball;  has very good popularity;  and now has a dog name Bo.  I think we’re going to be fine with him as President.

4. Earth Day

To be frank, I have not celebrated Earth Day enthusiastically as I want to except turning off the lights and plant a peach tree each year.  Now with the economy, I have been thinking about it more and try my best to be more environmental-friendly (I hate using the term “green”).  I’m not going to get a solar panel or create a solar oven, but I’ll try to cut down the lights, use water less, plant another peach tree, recycle materials, try to buy a filter for the faucet in the kitchen, or something out of the box. 

By the way, there’s a movie called Tapped, which discusses the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry.  I tried to not buy these products (been unsuccessful a few times because I got it on sale), but I’ve been saying this for eight years since my freshmen year at George Mason that the bottled water industry is a hoax and gladly I was right and this movie proves it:

4. Your 2009 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Preview

The Capitals are the two seed against the New York Rangers.  This series became a little more dangerous with Sean Avery on board and the potential that Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, and Markus Naslund breakout.  The Caps do not have a strong defence and Jose Theodore can be shaky at times, but this is clearly the best Capitals team since the 1998 Stanley Cup Runner-Up team and I expect the Caps to take it seriously after last year’s miracle and win in 6 games.  My prediction is they’re going to the Eastern Conference Finals and lose, but Barry Melrose has them in the Stanley Cup Finals against Detroit.  Melrose (and his mullet) must be more optimistic than me.

5. Your 2009 Washington Nationals Season Preview

They’re Going To Suck. 

The only decent day in the Nats schedule is June 9.  That is where the Nationals have the first pick in the MLB Amateur Draft and are likely to select the consensus number one prospect, Stephen Strasburg.  However, it’s very likely the Nationals will screw this up by not picking or signing him before the deadline and he goes back to the pool next year.  Either way, the Nationals are a mess and this will not end well…trust me.

6. Facial Hair

I want to conclude on a matter that might be funny to some.  If you notice my profile picture, I was trying to grow a beard for Lent since I swore off shaving.  I read the books and articles on how to grow a beard and follow directions.  However, after 7 weeks, the profile picture you saw was the final result.  I did not a grow a beard or goatee (I’m not a fan of the goatee, but I could of accept it).  What I grew was a Pornpatch (Pornstache + Soulpatch).  I had keep the Pornpatch for a few weeks in public (actually I got a date with that look) and I was embarrass of what it grew to be.  I had to tape my testimonial in shame and that my genetics have failed me.

Well, today is a brand new day.  I am asking everyone with facial hair to join this (currently) clean shave sap, to merge and start a brand new association:  THE AMERICAN FACIAL HAIR ASSOCIATION (or THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FACIAL HAIR, board members have to agree with a title).  I know there is the American Mustache Institute,, and the Whisker Club;  but with a unified association on facial hair, plus in conjunction with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, and the American Hair Loss Association, this new facial hair association will be a hit.  Since women have breast implants and botox to make themselves beautiful, why not promote men growing beards to promote solidarity and manliness?  I wish I had funding by myself, but with such luminaries from Paul Krugman, Chuck Norris, Rick Rosner, Dan Levy, and many others, funding should not be a problem.  When this becomes an association, men can now say 1) they’re truly men, 2) act as a second pillow for your partner, and 3) a human [blank].  If today starts the teabag revolution, we need to start a FACIAL HAIR REVOLUTION NOW!!!

For that…Good Day!

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