Tracy’s Random Thoughts August 2007 edition

I was going to do this sooner, but with technical difficulties, I’m back and on vacation.  Here are my thoughts:

1. The Virginia driving laws

To make this simple, Virginia passed a law that reckless driving (i.e. speeding over 20 mph the speed limit, DUI) will triple the fines to help rebuild roads and transportation issues.  There are two segments about the story:

The law itself- GOOD!!!  There has to be tougher laws on reckless driving and being from Northern Virginia, this is a wonderful law.  I don’t drive, but as a passenger, there are too many idiots who don’t know how to drive, thus causing most of these accidents.  Now, the only flaw is the fines are only effect Virginia residents, but not out-of-state.  I agree with the Henrico County judge that residents of Virginia should not only be the only ones punished.  Hell, most of Northern Virginia is not from Virginia.  The law should spread to everyone who is traveling to Virginia and the law will be amended and I do hope this is still the law for years and years.

The people who hate this law- SHUT UP!!! Virginia is giving you a service to drive better and the only thing you’re complaining about is it will hurt in your pockets.  You want to drive 100 mph or get drunk and pay a small fine?  I’m happy you want the government bump the gas tax, but you’re upset of actions that you’re not suppose to do?  You worry about the poor?  Here’s how you tell the poor: Be careful on the road.  That’s it, that’s the list and they’ll listen.  All you have to do is pay attention on the road and follow the rules.  Is that really difficult?

2. Conspiracy TheoriesYou know, these conspiracy theories are becoming true every second.  There is the NBA fixing games, 9-11, Iraq, Lynne Cheney being the boss of Dick, Memo 46 that booted a radio talk show host.  I think these conspiracy theories are hidden truths.  With evidence and the media surrounding 24/7, these theories are becoming the truth.   What I’m more worried is that some the newsmakers of the past might have an untold history; hence change the course of history.  I don’t think it’s bad, but it now questions what to believe now.

3. Summer is almost ending.

I just have a question; when did August became the new July?  There was a huge heat wave in the middle of August.  I’m telling ya, the summer might extend to September, my favorite month sooner than later (Disclaimer: yes, the same month as my birthday, but fall begins).  I wish the rainfall just go to Northern Virginia anytime.

4.  Animal Lovers

I have given it some thought and this pops up from my mind, why there is a lot of love for animals?  I heard from a discussion of why humans care more about animals than other humans?  I really don’t know the answer, but if anyone knows an answer, I want tom know.  From Barbaro to the Michael Vick investigation, these animal stories have a strong attachment to us than anything.

5. Others that you need to check out

  • No wonder Hollywood is optimistic about the movie season.  The Simpsons Movie was very funny, I want to see The Bourne Ultimatum, SuperBad I might be interested, but Hot Fuzz is the best comedy I’ve seen this year. 
  • My new show on the list: Psych.  It is a wonderful show about a fake detective with perfect vision and his sidekick.  If you want pop culture references, inside jokes, great characters, and storylines, this is the show.
  • Soccer can be popular here in the states, but it won’t reach the major sports zenith.  They need to attack the NHL audience to be competitive and if the scandals continue to scroll in the other leagues, you might never know.
  • One month away from Judgment Day.

That is all, have a nice time.

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