Tracy’s Random Thoughts August 2008 Edition

It seems weird that it was in the low 80s last week.  I would never expect it in the DC area this time of year.  Must be… eh never mind, it’s going to be hot next year.  Here we go:

1. The Race to the White House

We’re a couple of weeks away until the start of the conventions, and guess what propped up?  The Russian-Georgia conflict.  This Russian movement going into Georgia territory, plus the oil pipeline, plus U.S. interests equals potential all out war.  John McCain jumped the gun stating that we should go help Georgia, although is it really our best interest to help a country or the resources in the country?  Obama would like to discuss this, but he had airline problems during his flight.  I like Andrew Sullivan’s argument that McCain is discussing Georgia from his heart since he is friends with the Georgia president.  However, for the best for the United States, do we need another fight in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan or do we need somebody to make peace with the other countries.  I would prefer the latter, but oil and money do mix and the result is dangerous.

2. The Beijing Olympics

I was wary about the Beijing Olympics being successful, ratings-wise, for the United States because of the time difference.  However, the $300 million opening ceremonies (Really, $300 million to the opening ceremonies and not putting the money on the victims for the earthquakes a couple of months ago?) were spectacular and with NBC’s assistance, the main events were on primetime, plus the intrigue of China being the new Russia, has giving a boost in the ratings. 

The main reason for the boost is Michael Phelps.  Let me say this; what Michael Phelps is doing is awesome and love that he could (or will) have eight gold medals in a single Olympics and that’s great.  We can say he’s the greatest Olympian of all-time, but from a few accounts, including Marc Sterne, who has met Phelps in a couple of events, he is an elitist and pompous in person.  He does enjoy the spotlight a lot and really loves the attention from his 12,000 calorie diet to Cris Collinsworth smothering her mother to last night’s practice area where five people were rubbing Phelps is body and it look like gelatin.  It’s great he’ll be ranked up there with the other Olympic legends, but I’m torn about him and I’m serious about this, he could be the next Bruce Jenner, life-wise.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look to Jenner’s wikipedia page and here’s Bruce through the years:

That’s going to be Michael Phelps soon.

3. Jay Leno

I saw this on Entertainment Weekly about Jay Leno is now the most wanted man in TV.  I’m sorry, how did Jay Leno became the most wanted man?  Yes, his show still is tops in late-night, but the numbers are far fewer than the person he replaced, Johnny Carson, and he’s not the best or even good host of a late night talk show.  His “legendary” monologues are probably the most overrated thing in all of television.  It’s just a setup up and a cheesy joke about the news, which we know the joke will be.  All these years, my reasoning why Jay has these ratings because people in their 40s and 50s still remember the Tonight Show as must see tv and still is because of the title.  What had helped the past several years is David Letterman is phoning the first 30 minutes, which is the most critical of the show to attract.  Guests have become obsolete, unless you’re Oprah or Julia Roberts.  Now, people are saying Leno’s show is vibrant because he has one year left with NBC and he is going all out by attacking NBC and trying edgier comedy.  Newsflash…everyone has jokingly attacked NBC for a long time and I wonder where Leno got that act?  So, if you’re sad that Leno will be out of late night and might go to another station, don’t be. 

To summarize this, if you want the job, suck up to the company.  If the company dumped you, suck up to another company and you will be filthy rich.

4. The Tony Kornheiser Show

It was news last week that Bonneville will expand the stations for their popular news stations WTOP to all their powerful stations, thus ending 3WT radio.  What this means is Tony Kornheiser does not have a home on the radio dial when he comes back in January.  For the people who read this (yes, I have more readers in Raleigh than in DC, weird) Mr. Tony likes a local radio show, so a Sirius/XM or a national ESPN Radio show is out.  To me, here are his options:

  1. ESPN980 (local)– This would be the most logical choice for him since he would be reunited with Andy Polley and is really the only sports station in town, which everyone  thinks he’s known for.  But the station is owned by Dan Snyder, which could cause some conflict since Snyder wants a Redskins-centric show, with the other sports surrounding him and he wants to discuss other subjects like the Animal Revolution.   This is the best bet he’ll end up, unless something pops up.
  2. 106.7 WJFK – His show would fit nicely between the Junkies and Big O and Dukes and would reduce the 10-hour manfest.  Problem:  the studios are in Fairfax, Virginia, he lives in DC;  you need to build an another studio for him.  Not going to happen.
  3. 94.7 – He likes classic rock, but would his format bring an audience to that station?  I doubt it.
  4. BIG 100.3 – Old Guy Radio fits into this bill and his show feels like your grandpa is talking to you.  Might be a station to look at, but Clear Channel has a lot of changes in store in the DC market and it would be called selling stations to the highest bidder.
  5. Live Webcast/Podcast on – No one has talked about this, but I think this is the decision he should think about.  People are going to webcasts and blogs now.  In the latest ratings, his show declined because the audience knew he would leave for Monday Night Football.  He needs to take the Roger Ebert route and have his own section on and do a live webcast.  The risk is ad money in a webcast/podcast is still far behind money at a radio station and you need one big advertiser or many small advertisers to cover costs.  Now, I mentioned because they want to be a multimedia entity and they have done a decent job (except the newspapers sales are declining and the radio station that flopped).  They have coverage for MSNBC and CNN, and have Cheeseboy’s Sports Blog (or Bog for Cheeseboy fans), but a web show just for Mr. Tony and friends to rip would not be good for the audience and Mr. Tony, but the company to regain traction in the multimedia industry.  It also helps Mr. Tony has a big following on the podcasts and could potentially bring national ads.  Of course, Mr. Tony will say he a radio guy and stick to status quo, but he should look into this.
  6. (Bonus) WAMU– I can tell you it will never happen but think about it, it’s a wonderful fit.  During pledge drives, he can ask people donate money to his show.  Of course, what I meant donating to his show, I meant more Johnnie Walker Blue, paying off tuition for his children, and WAMU Membership card for discounts in restaurants.  Of course, he’ll say something bad about management and will blow a gasket, which is un-public radio like [rolling eyes].

5. You can be a superhero in real life

Iron Man

Invisibility Cloak

Juicing to the nth degree

And finally (ok, not a superpower or hero, but an excuse to have that picture)

Great, with all these superpowers and gadgets, how are we going to take down Rupert Murdoch?

That is all.  Next month will be the Silver Anniversary of Me.  Send your requests on the comments section to tell what was your greatest moment with me.  On second thought…don’t.  I almost sound like a Sportscenter pitchman.  Must escape.

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