Tracy’s Random Thoughts February 2006 edition

Every month, I would like to shoot of some topics off the top in my head because it is.

Topic #1: Dick Cheney

Holy crap, what the hell happened? What, he heard a quail call and sounded like a quail but oops it’s was his attorney? The sad part is the attorney had a mild heart attack. Great, Dick Cheney is now the bird flu giving everyone heart attacks figuratively. Honestly, you do feel bad for the attorney, but this story was just too hilarious and hopes he is alive so we can fully laugh at it. Oh, for late night jokes of Dick Cheney, I recommend David Letterman’s Top Ten List and The Daily Show this past Monday. Both were hilarious.

Topic #2: Virginia Amendment law of gay marriages.

First and foremost, I’m Catholic. I believe in God and follow the Catholic bylaws. I want to marry a Catholic for two reasons: 1) my parents won’t bug me. 2) Life gets slightly easy when you marry the other of the same religion (Although, love is tough these days and the odds are 10% at best). The only people I would help in depth in their personal lives are Catholics. On a personal note, I think gay marriages are the same as a regular marriage. The only difference is Virginia doesn’t want gay marriages on paper. While I do not condone a gay marriage (meaning I won’t attend one, but give a nice gift because it’s the right gesture), they have a right to have a family. The term family has changed in many ways in the past generation. Family use to mean father, mother, siblings and the grandparents. Now, things have change with a variety of ways. Here is my fear about this amendment; this is about politics and religion is the cloud over Virginia. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Sadly, Virginia is stuck with religious zealots Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Are the more religious people afraid the status quo of “family” changed? If I were a Democrat or Independent, I would fight that you would lose tourists and residents to different states. Virginia is on the boom of economic prosperity, but they are stuck in the middle ages with values and ethics. Sadly, religion is a strong point in many elections around the US and it’s a shame.

Topic #3A: The Winter Olympics

At this point of time, I wish I could vacation to Europe to not only go sightseeing, but to pay attention to actual sports broadcasting, not personality journalism (which is every network’s approach now these days). As to why the Winter Olympics are way down and why they are losing to Grey’s Anatomy (great show by the way) and American Idol in the ratings? Easy: time delays, no personalities, careless broadcasting by NBC, too much hype. People already know the results and have the internet to watch the action. Also, when you setup hyping stars like Bode Miller, Apollo Ohno, and got nothing, people aren’t going to watch. This leads to NBC hyping these stars and using the interwoven theme used in movies these days. It might good for movies, but the Olympics must have a beginning, middle, and end to get the viewers attention, and NBC has failed that approach. 2008 might be easier since it’s the summer and 2010 is a dream since it’s in Vancouver, so a lot more live highlights. NBC needs to pickup steam.

Topic #3B: The true stars of the Olympics

Michelle Kwan- Doesn’t matter if she slipped in a dollar to the U.S. judges, she had the right to petition and the three skaters (except Sasha Cohen) didn’t perform to the U.S. standards. Although she might have not won the gold medal, she has the right to show she was fit to go. She did the classy thing and gave her spot to someone else. You can’t fault her for trying and looking at the real big picture.

Lindsay Kildow- If you have that fall lie she did in the downhill, shattered body parts are likely 99%. Well, not only she was the rare 1%, the next couple of days, she competed and completed the race. I don’t care if she finishes in the podium; she is an example of the Olympic spirit. If she does go to the podium, endorsement deals galore.

Shaun White- I follow sports a lot, including snowboarding and he is amazing. The reason of why he’s on this list is not the gold medal he won, he went to an interview with Bob Costas and said I’m want Sasha Cohen and now that he is a gold medalist. The guy has balls. If Sasha and Shaun hookup, they have an object they can use if they get horny.

Joey Cheek- After winning the 500M, he’s donating his share to World Play to help third world countries. Also, he wants to attend Harvard. Enough said.

Johnny Weir- This guy is classic. He’s a great figure skater, but probably the next big commentator for the Olympics. All subjects are no holds barred and he isn’t afraid to answer his own. He also has the guts to wear an old Soviet Union jumpsuit. He reminds me of Dick Button, Charles Barkley, Al Davis and Clinton Portis all rolled into one.

Topic #4: The Metro

I’m not afraid to say that I’m a Metro rider and take public transportation everyday. A few things: One, my biggest pet peeve about the Metro is the riders don’t go to the center. When there is a crowded train, go to the center, but the riders are too lazy to go because they’re afraid no one will move. First, if you stand up and signal, people will move, so don’t be a stiff. Second, well the Metro is great way to get any real action (You can’t say that!!!) accidentally. Finally, I want the new voice of Metro to be demanding to let everyone know whose boss and let them move to the center. I also like the countdown they are instituting.

Well, that’s all for today. Next month might not be good since its Lent season and I’m in lockdown mode. The next issue of my random thoughts is coming in April.
To quote Nate Newton, “I want to be guy all over the world that I have great weed.”

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