Tracy’s Random Thoughts January 2007 edition

1. Bush sending more troops.

It was bound to happen and finally Bush pulled the trigger.  Bush is sending in 20,000 troops to Iraq to handle the mess.  This plan was too little, too late and I think Bush thinks he’s trying to save face, but the majority is not liking the idea.  Almost 70% of the country disapprove the move.  Another sad part is I have a few friends going to Iraq in the next few months.  I feel they are fighting for no purpose.  I support the troops overseas, but one country was good enough (Afghanistan).  The U.S. has entered in unchartered territory in the Middle East and including the accidential hanging in the Saddam Hussein trial, this could be a long struggle.

2. Duke Scandal

There was something wrong in the picture when the victim is telling one hundred different stories.  That wasn’t the worst part (although the victim is still haunted and needs to get help).  The worst part was the case itself.  There was race, culture, class, income, all came to play like a soap opera.  But like any soap opera, it was manufactured.  The person pulling the string was Mike Nifong, Durham’s DA.  We don’t know what happened at the Duke Lacrosse house and we probably don’t know (but several photos show people were having a good time and getting drunk).  However,  Nifong used this case to bring the community together…to re-elect him for District Attorney.  He did win, but is now feeling the consequences.  First, there is no DNA evidence on the three Duke players, then he hid that evidence so the case to continue.  And now, he asked the judge to remove from the case.  This is going to be Nifong’s legacy:  Past 29 years and honest man with a lot of integrity, but in one case, he has ruined four lives, disenfranchise a great lacrosse program, lengthening the victim’s troubles, and all of this to get glory.  That is truly a tragic and pathetic story.

3. Nintendo Wii

The gamers love the graphics and the game-play.  Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 rule in the graphics, but the best playing experience in the Nintendo Wii, which could be back into the big boys with their greatest creation, the Wii.  The first time I played it, it’s very addictive and the first week, I had a good workout and my body was very sore.  I have two games, Wii Sports and Madden 07.  For games outside of Nintendo, you need to get use to with the sensor motion and the buttons.  I can say is the Nintendo Wii is the best Christmas present I ever had.

4. Awards season

Yes people, awards season has started and I don’t care anymore.  It use to be Hollywood’s greatest talents go these award shows.  Now, its anyone who sucks up more to the Academy wins an award.  Of course, you will still find gems like Scarlett Johannson, but not anymore with most of hem being no talents.  The Golden Globes are a bunch of fakes.  The only awards that matter are the Oscars and the Emmys.  Otherwise, its a bunch of noise from other award shows that want to give them gift baskets (oh wait… they’re taxing them starting this year, HA!).

5.  The one year anniversary for the Tao of Tracy

This week marks my one year anniversary of the blog.  Ok, it made a couple destinations from Blogger to Facebook and now with WordPress (and Facebook).  What I have learned is the blog does release me and write a few good stories about my life.  From time to time, you’re going to get gaps because nothing interesting has happened to me.  But, I don’t mind sharing my stories to all of you because to be honest, I know you don’t care (some do, but the majority don’t know who I am).  I’m one of tens of millions of bloggers.  This is not an original, but the blogs keep me happy and I will continue to share (unless I get some money out of this).


WATCH THE “KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY” EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 9 PM ET/ 8 PM CT / 7PM MT / 6 PT ON ABC.  You can TiVo American Idol.  It won’t hurt them, but you need to watch “KoP” so it won’t get cancelled.  I wish for a two season stint so I can buy it on DVD.  For the love of God, watch the show.


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