Tracy’s Random Thoughts June 2006 edition

Let me first reflect it’s Fathers’ Day and I would like to thank my dad for everything up to this point. Although we have our differences (ok, huge differences), he has taken care of me and I will always take care for not only my father, but my family. On we go:

1) 2006 and 2008 Elections
This is all lump together, because with recent events in the Bush Administration such as Karl Rove’s indictment and the death of Al-Zarqawi, there’s a little confidence booster for the GOP, but with all the corruption and the War in Iraq, is it possible that the Democrats take over the House or the Senate? This is what I’m worried about. Since Karl Rove is back in the picture, the GOP can use the religion card during the elections to get the strongest voting base of any subdivision. You definitely know the Democrats will use the War in Iraq and the scandals as their major points. But this comes to question what will be more important? This is how I think about the 2006 mid-term elections, it is similar to the baseball performance-enhance drugs problem. Yes, the media and their fellow workers (either politicians or baseball players) might make a story about this but do the fans or voters care? I think we are in a gambling society that we worry about ourselves and have become more of an individualist country. That is why religion plays a big part because that is the only thing constant among people is their beliefs. Also, a lot of older voters will come in droves and they are not going to change their minds unless it’s dramatic. My prediction for this upcoming year, The Republicans will still be dominant and still control everything in Washington.

This leads to the 2008 elections where it is wide open. The top candidates are Hilary Clinton, Mark Warner, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani. For the democratic side, it is too close to know if Hilary Clinton will carry the Democrat torch but what are her issues? She never defined anything on any of her issues. I think she wants to cover all sides to get a lot of votes. To me, Mark Warner is proven because he has change Virginia and the state has become more centered, which you wouldn’t say four years ago. You might say Al Gore since he now has a personality (To me, he always had. Just look at his daughters) but it is out of the running. On the Republican front, the front-runner to me is Mitt Romney. He is the perfect candidate with looks and intelligence and is coming from Massachusetts (a Democratic stronghold). His issue: he’s Mormon. That is all you need to know. Rudy Giuliani has the resume and a great base but his issue is his health, his public divorce, which might bite him, and he is more of a liberal Republican by some critics. John McCain has a military background and a strong base and sticks to his issues. His problem is if the Republicans elect him to run for the GOP, he’ll be alienating the conservative base. As a liberal democrat, the GOP have a better set of candidates than the Democrats, whose only hope is solely on Hilary Clinton if she can define her issues. To me, I’m still rooting for Bill Bradley.

2) Sports items:

a) The World Cup
This has been an exciting World Cup because all the good teams are going in and the passion of the fans makes it enjoyable. Ratings for the World Cup here are doing booming business, so you know soccer can be the fourth most popular sport every four years. The United States finally got their first point in Europe ever and can make it to the knockout round by only scoring two goals. Of course, that’s going to be hard, but if they do advance, say hello to Brazil (my prediction to win). By the way, what the hell happen to Ronaldo?

b) U.S. Open
Holy crap, that was very tough to watch. I knew the scores are going to be high because Winged Foot had 240-yard doglegs and rough grass, but this was brutal to watch. First, seeing Tiger Woods missed his first major cut, and then Colin Montgomerie on 18th was on the fairway and hit the ball to an uphill rough, which was impossible, and got a double-bogey. And to Phil Mickelson, I really like Phil and I don’t think he is phony it up (You got to admit he does have the good life) but on 18th, he went back to old aggressive Phil and hit the ball to the tent, then on the second shot, hit the tree, then it went to a downward spiral and he double-bogey on the 18th. Those two mistakes help Geoff Ogilvy to win the U.S. Open. And probably the most understated shot of all-time was when Geoff had to chip for par that was 6o feet away and he nailed it on the 17th. Good for him, but the tournament was just painful to watch from beginning to end.

c) The Stanley Cup Finals
Yes, I pay attention to hockey and the Finals between Carolina and Edmonton is exciting, especially pre-game in Canada. The problem is no one knows who the players are and it didn’t have great build-up. You can blame the NHL to look at greed and went to OLN because they offered more money. The smart thing was to go to ESPN2 and have an establish brand and you can get hockey in HD. But, they thought they can build a brand with 30 million households having OLN and it burned. I want hockey to bring their fans stick, but the league is screwing themselves.

d) The NBA Finals
Ah, it’s the 1980s again and this has been exciting playoffs and the Finals have been great as well. At least you got superstars Kobe, LeBron, Nash and others playing their best, but in the Finals, you are seeing true superstars in Wade and Nowitzki and include Shaq in the picture and it has been entertaining. Now, I really want to be the 1980s when every team can score 100 points.

3) Ann Coulter
To all my observance of people, I have no idea why people are buying her books. Is it her looks? Is it her intelligence? Is it that she hates liberals? She is a total crock and a windbag. I just wondering like a Republican politician she’s helping Karl rove and using the religion as the main issue. Even Laura Ingraham has more integrity than her.

4) Satellite radio
Two years ago, I touted satellite radio as the new wave of media because of its diverse playlist for the listeners taste. Now, it has become more fabricated with the celebrity race. Sirius has Howard Stern and XM fought back with Opie and Anthony and Oprah. It was once fresh, but now it has become a joke and that is why podcasting has become more popular because everyone can have one, if they know how to do it.

That is all, and again Happy Father’s Day.

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