Tracy’s Random Thoughts: June 2009 Edition

Summer is coming up and I have to say this has been one of the mildest summers I have encountered. I really enjoying this, but then there’s always next month. Let’s get to it:

1. Domestic Terrorism

The past two weeks with the shooting of an abortion doctor at church and the shooting at the Holocaust Museum involving an 88-year old man.  Congress warned us the most dangerous threat to our country is not international, it’s domestic.  Sadly for some, the hysteria mentality looms large and some have this end of the world thinking that the world is crumbling down.  We can debate issues about gun control and abortion, but with these activities, we need to have a harder look at ourselves and not the issues at hand.

2. Iran Elections

I would write a whole blog on the Iran Elections and would like to share some information, but it is too gruesome for me to show it.  I do think the elections were rigged and influence by Ahmadinejad’s staff and Mousavi should of won the election.  Instead, a green revolution came to Iran and it is a huge mess (just look at the tweets and videos of the protests).  Mostly everyone in the western world knows where they stand.  I am also glad Obama is keeping quiet of the situation as he knows he has a powerful voice, but must be on the mark.

As for the news coverage, it has been shoddy as usual and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but if you want great coverage of the Iran situation, go to:

3. The Lovable Losers

The Washington Natinals Nationals are pitiful and I’m going to keep saying that.  However, there might be hope.  The Nats did draft Stephen Strasburg number one and sign their second first round pick, Drew Storen already.  Now, there’s word that if the Nationals get last place again this year (ok, they’re going to be in last place), the prize for next year’s draft: Bryce Harper.

Seriously, I think the kid needs to slow down and enjoy life.  After his sophomore year, Bryce will take the GED and go to community college and be eligible for the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft and will be picked by the Nationals in all likelihood.  I hope the kid success, but he needs to be social and get out and enjoy being a teenager.  I would take full precaution.

4. Twitter and Facebook

Some of friends and family have been complaining about that I tweet too much and need to stop syncing my tweets with Facebook.  Okay, I admit I tweet a lot, but at least I don’t tell you everything I do like “I’m brushing my teeth” or “I’m in the bathroom.”

Now as for the syncing Twitter with Facebook…you have to live with that.  If you have different sets of rules for each profile from Twitter, Linked, and Facebook, that’s totally up to you and I’m fine with that.  In my case, I blur the line in all my profiles.  I would rather have a mix of my personal and professional details in all my profiles because I want everyone to get a real sense of me.  It will be never 100% but at least you get a good picture of who I am.  In Linkedin, you would know my skills and accomplishments, in Facebook, you would know my character, and on Twitter, you would know who I fit in the best.  All f them comes back to one thing…me.

Now I will warn you when a conference or a Capitals game comes up, I’m going to tweet a lot, so if you’re on Facebook, I’ll give you the signal to hide my statuses and tell you in advance how long it would be.  Now, isn’t that simple?

That is all for me…see ya.

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