Tracy’s Random Thoughts June – July 2007 Edition

Sorry (or proud based on your point of view) for the delay, I’ll give my reasons later on, but I got a whole lot of catching up to do:

1. The Supreme Court

Well, you know they’re going to be 5-4 decisions in favor of the conservative side for a long time.  I don’t agree with the decision states can’t change county lines based on race (That’s more politcal leverage for conservatives).  However, the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” I understand the ruling.  I think everyone, including students, have a right for free speech and everyone has a right to counter if they don’t take the inapproriate action.  In this case, the slogan was from real life.  Although the boy said he wasn’t advocating using illegal drugs, he did get busted two years later selling marijuana.  Not the smartest of moves to help the case and I understand the decision.  If you believe in something, stick to your word.  Also, this is going to stick 5-4 in favor of the conservatves and that’s fair because the Democrats blew their chance of getting power and this is the consequences their getting.

2. The Pants suit

If you don’t know the story, DC Judge Roy Pearson came to drop off clothes at a local DC Cleaners Store.  The following day, Roy came to the cleaners to pick up and the Chungs gave him the wrong pants.  Roy wasn’t happy and said he will sue because of the sign “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and that Chungs didn’t make that promise.  The Chungs did found his pants, but Roy said it didn’t match.  A settlement was on the table three times; the last offer was $12,000.  However, Roy declined all offers and wanted $67 million for the “DC people”.  Shockingly, the case went through the pre-trial and it was on court.  When the judges say the amount was too high, Pearson decrease heavily to a mere $54 million.  The decision was for the Chungs and no money was exchange.  Now, Roy wants his lawyer to make an appeal, but the lawyer didn’t listen and wants the judge to tell Pearson to pay not only his lawyers’ fee, but the Chungs as well.  Then, Mr. Pearson said that he won’t give up the fight for DC consumers.  Oh, I forgot to add his tenure is up for renewal and this doesn’t sound good for Mr. Pearson.  Here are the people I feel sorry for: The Chungs, the lawyers on both sides, and the DC residents who have to pay taxes and is spent on this case.  The money was useful for the Eastern Market reconstruction or the DC schools, but the DC taxpayers have to deal with pants for their taxes.  As for Mr. Pearson, he does need help of every kind.

3.  The Tony Kornheiser Show

This is one of my favorite shows on the radio and now I have to wait 6 months for the return on Tony Kornheiser on the dial.  The best moments from this incarnation:

  •  Death Star Radio
  •  Nigel
  •  Animal Revolution
  •  Farhi/Plotkin
  •  Cheese Test
  •  Liz Clarke hatred of Canada because of Anne Murray’s “Snowbird”
  •  Jeanne McManus unlike of musicals
  •  David Aldridge
  •  The Sopranos/American Idol reviews
  •  Finally, my emails getting read.

Sadly, Monday Night Football consumes the fall and I’m back listening to all NPR.  Speaking of NPR…

4. The Public Talent Radio Quest

I want to say this to the voters who leave comments about the next public radio star:  NPR is not the only company that is looking for shows.  There are also Public Radio International and American Public Media and all three are not under the same umbrella.  It’s like Chad Johnson saying “Ocho Cinco,” but it’s really “Ochenta y Cinco.” It’s scary that NPR is like Xerox in that people don’t say copies, they say “Xerox.’

Anyway, the field has been dwindle down to 10.  This was an unexpected top ten in my opinion, but I’m not an expert, so I trust the judges on this account.  The second round consists of free association, live read, and a billboard.   Most of the voters have issues with this round because it covers the basic skills of radio and why the judges did not want to jump ahead to the creative part.  As a former music dj (I’m not going to bring that up), this was a perfect exercise, except for the live read.  I wish on the live read segment, the judges give the keywords and the contestants have 30 minutes to write their live read and use all the keywords before reading on the air.  If they miss a keyword, they are DQ’ed or dock them points.   But the other exercises are appropriate for the contest because the host must be kept on their toes and also limit mistakes so the crew don’t use 20 takes on one line.

As for the second round, after numerous listens to all of the contestants, I can say one person who wasn’t on my radar in the first round would bring a different voice that public radio needs and the format would be something new on the radio airwaves.  I would like to give my opinion who it is, but by saying Public Radio Talent Quest, the page is linked, so I’m not going to tell unless you email me and I’m willing to share on a one-on-one basis.  Reason being I made my own top ten list in the first round and only one or two in my list were in the top 100.   I don’t want to play favorites unless it’s necessary.

5. Summer time

Hooray for summer, the extra days off, the sun, the beaches.  Well, it would of been fun if it were 72 degrees.  However, after a few breaks in the weather, DC is back up to the 90s again.  Oh boy, do I enjoy summer [sarcasm].  One day, I will build a doomsday device that will bring a nuclear winter in this world for 10 years and everyone will love it.

That is all for me.  I’m not taking a break from blogging, had some sickness in me, but I’m 100% now.  I got stories to share but it’s late at night.  I’ll share them this week, or just go to Facebook.

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