Tracy’s Random Thoughts March 2008 Edition

A lot of things for March, let’s go to the videotape:

1. Election 2008

John McCain is the Republican Nominee and now can rest up and find the weaknesses for the Democratic Party, which there are a plenty.

For disclosure, I am a registered Democrat since 2001 and I am very disappointed at the party is turning out to be.  I don’t blame Barack Obama for moving forward and keeping the Democratic conscience.  I also don’t blame Hillary Clinton’s tactics of gaining the nomination.  Although dirty and below the belt, she has the right to run her campaign and if she wants to do it to make the party divisive, that’s her choice.

I blame the whole debacle of the Democratic Party to the leaders.  There is no backbone to the party and no one standing up to make a stance.  What is everyone waiting for… cushier jobs? The leaders will say let the election process continue and so forth.  If that were to happen in June, the party will be split and the leaders will buckle down like the NCAA Selection Committee and go to the RPI, won-loss record, and electability.  Where’s Howard Dean, John Edwards, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi?  If I were the Democrats, someone must make a stance between now and April 22 in Pennsylvania.  If this continues to drag on, your party is even in more shambles than the Republican Party. 

Onto the other election stuff, I’m glad Obama mention the Rezko case and his situation with Pastor Wright.  Obama understands everyone will be targeting you and denouncing Wright’s words, talking to the Chicago Tribune Board about Rezko, and releasing his earmarks are excellent steps of an open President. 

On the Geraldine Ferraro comments, I think was Gerry wanted is that Blacks don’t have it easy as women in the high ranks of anything, including politics.  I really don’t think she’s trying to be racist, but she wants the race vs. gender card in the table and her actions and tone speak of racism.  I don’t think what she’s saying is racist, but her behavior is making it otherwise and made the campaign worse for both campaigns.

Finally, the Saturday Night Live skits with Obama and Clinton.  I think there are good writers there in SNL, but you couldn’t find a better Obama and what is with Hillary Clinton getting all the key lines?  The writers say they are pro-Obama.  Really?!!!  Are you saying that to cover your gigs?  Even MAD TV has you beat on Obama, and it’s from FAUX.  If there is a death nail, SNL has sealed their fate.  You know SNL (and especially Lorne Michaels), there are thousands of people who can impersonate Obama and you chose Fred Armisan, who can’t do a lick in that role?  You made Obama into a lunkhead, and you would all vote for Obama?  No wonder the networks didn’t want writers.

2. Eliot Spitzer

If you are the Governor of New York and consider yourself “Mr. Clean” to clean up the state and you pull this act, you deserve to be kicked out of politics.  What’s worse is Spitzer was married and has three teenage daughters.  I have no idea what these ladies are thinking, but they must be very upset and angry that a man they know who wants to clean up the state was using it for its own personal use.  Now, there are two sets of opinions I want to make:

  • For prostitution to be legal, I wouldn’t mind.  Just to be clear, I oppose of prostitution and if I were the governor or mayor, I would reject prostitution to be legal because of my beliefs and values.  That said, if any mayor or governor wants to make prostitution legal, I’m fine for it.  As odd as it sounds, prostitution does make for great business not only for the company, but for the state or city economy (i.e. Las Vegas).  Having business people spending a lot of cash to be with a woman, the amount can be up to 5 digits.  It might be the last alternative, but there are some sick people who would pay a lot of money for pleasure and that amount might be golden.
  • What former Governor Spitzer did is unethical to his own belief.  If it were former Governor Jesse Ventura, I wouldn’t have a problem since he wanted prostitution legal in Minnesota and he’s following his own guidelines.  On his campaign for Governor, Spitzer promised the people to clean up the states out of filth and restore order.  He did that, except for himself.  When you made a promise to the people of cleaning up the state, but not yourself, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.  He had to resign from his position and right now is in the bottomless pit with his family.  I really do hope the family stays together and fight this off, but those odds are microscopic.

3. The Music Industry

I have heard many critics and fans say the music industry is down and because the music is craptastic and there are no elite artists anymore.  On the music front, I think there are tons of choices that people can listen to.  Most of my music came from word of mouth or my college radio station.  On an economic standpoint, it is down because the music companies don’t know how to handle this new technology.  Also, the music companies do not have a clear model of profiting from music downloads to concerts.  The music companies still believe in the CD albums and concerts by the old standard. 

I’m sad the music companies don’t appreciate Steve Jobs because he’s lowering the price on albums and singles and yet he’s the only savior of music.  Now the money distributed between Jobs and the record companies is a different story, but the record companies must kiss its feet to Jobs because if it wasn’t for iPod and the cell phone devices, the music industry would be a bigger hole. 

What the record companies need to do is let the audience choose what’s good and what’s not.  The companies are force feeding on who should we buy, but it needs to be the other way around to maximize your sales.  There’s a reason albums are not selling 100,000 albums anymore and that’s choice, but a great record would change that.  However, the record companies will not going to learn its lesson and the slump will continue.

4. Water, redux

From my general post about water, I now understand why people buy bottled water.  The EPA made a study that several cities’ water contains medical supplements and the people are drinking them.  I still hold the position about bottled water because it’s pricey, but now people, a filter for your sink and faucet might be a great idea, so get one now.

5. Mixed Martial Arts

In the next upcoming weeks, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) will be on network broadcast television for the first time and they missed their opportunity to gain a big audience.  I understand why people love MMA, but here’s the bigger problem for the sport: What’s the difference and who’s your superstar?

To answer the first question, if I hear MMA, I usually think the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  That’s a good thing but there are several MMA organizations that you don’t know which ones which.  The MMA has become mainstream, but the problem is the sport is saturated that everyone wants the piece of the pie.  In the long-term, this could decline the sport because of money and notoriety.

Who is the superstar of MMA?  The only person I can think is Kimbo Slice, who is likely the only known superstar MMA has and would be featured in the CBS event.  Who else is a superstar?  Randy Couture retired; Tito Ortiz lost it and went to the Apprentice; Chuck Liddell was the face of MMA but lost his championship 45 seconds into the fight.  The point is if these MMA organizations believe people will see other people fight, that’s fine, but the MMA needs to know when it becomes a novelty act and is there a superstar out there to carry the sport for a long time.  Kimbo might be it, but what about the others waiting in line?

6. George Mason

It’s great to have my alma mater back in the big dance and I might be an optimist here, but George Mason could possibly go to the Sweet Sixteen.  Now, is this team better than the 2006 team?  No, but as I said to my friends, the George Mason Patriots are the original Cinderellas, the originators of the upset, and every team in the United States they look up to.  Anything can happen, even an another Final Four.  My real prediction:  George Mason to the Sweet Sixteen and lose to North Carolina.  Not bad for the Kryptonite Kids!  By the way, in my brackets, I’m going to have UCLA or Georgetown winning he title (depending what group I’m in and the prize).

That is all, get drunk after work and be sober for Easter weekend. 

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