Tracy’s Random Thoughts May 2008 Edition

Before we go to the big show, take some time to pray for the people in China and Burma and hopefully the areas that struck will be back to normal or better than normal.  Here we go:

1. Again, the 2008 Presidential Election

We know the election will be between Barack Obama and John McCain.  Hillary Clinton still thinks she’s in this race, but this week, it made clear that George Bush just made the Democrats stronger.  If I were President, I would just say great things about the 60th Anniversary of Israel and don’t go lower than the 29% approval rating he has.  Instead, he used the Israel meeting to make a platform that a Democratic President (Obama) would “appease” to terrorists.  Umm, why go there, so you can attract the evangelicals and the Bible Belt to go Republican?  Most of the country realize you were using the war to have a war.  I’ll try to sum up my position on Bush with this:

As for McCain, he agreed with Bush with his comments.  And I thought he was a Maverick by being the anti-Bush.  Good luck getting votes.  Clinton got shoved out of the spotlight after winning West Virginia by 40 points and has to dealt with John Edwards endorsing Obama and a secondary player in the Bush vs. Obama spat.  This also proves George Bush just found the needle to unite all Democrats and guess what…they’re not going to back down until November and the Democrats have found their backbone.

On a side note, I feel sorry for Kevin James, who got whipped by Chris Matthews the other night.  Wait…it’s not the comedian from King of Queens?


2. Doug Kmiec

If you don’t know who Doug Kmiec is, he’s a conservative legal scholar who wants pro-choice to be prohibited and is a Catholic (also shares the same birthday with me).  It was news last week that Mr. Kmiec is supporting Obama because of his positive message that is not only good for the U.S., but for the whole world.

This piece is not about him supporting Obama, this is about what happened to him when he supported Obama.  In the article he wrote, he was denied Communion because he supported Obama because he’s pro-choice. 

I have done a number of terrible things, but for supporting someone who is a nice guy and has goodwill and you deny him Holy Communion because of one political stance?  Apparently, this also happened to Kathleen Sebelius as well when a Kansas City priest denied her communion because she was pro-choice.  This is how my religion is going to react when someone supports Obama? 

I’m going to be in Keith Olbermann mode on this so be aware:

I’m a pro-life, liberal Democrat.  I am socially conservative, but that’s just me.  I’m fiscally liberal, hence my stance as a liberal.  I’ve been Catholic my whole life and I like who I am because of my family raising me as a Catholic.  The Doug Kmiec incident shows me the higher ups fear the Catholic influence is dwindling.  All churches are there for guidance and rejuvenate people for the long week.  In today’s world, people want to have freedom to make a choice of what will make them happy or comfortable.  It should be the church to help these people find their right path. 

In only speaking to the Catholic church, people are coming to the Catholic church in smaller numbers because the overall message hasn’t transferred into a result.  The abusing scandals, the strict code that you must follow every guideline Catholics must follow, and now denying Communion because of someone’s personal views.  I don’t care what other people do.  If they are happy being gay, having sex at a young age, or loves porn, that’s their pergoative.  If it’s a fellow Catholic, that might be different.  What the Catholic Church needs to promote is positivity and provide guidance and don’t be bent on the strict Catholic rules forced into every individual coming into the church.   This is what Obama wants: a positive message to unite everyone.  Instead of uniting Catholics, you, the Catholic Church, are only focusing about yourselves and the declining persuasion you had previously.  My generation wants to be proactive and most still believe in the Catholic Church. 

There are many great priests in the U.S., but do yourself (The Catholic Church) a favor and welcome people in, instead of restricting people.  Right now, people want comfort, not politics and this very story is why people are not attracted to the Catholic Church.  There should be no one left out, yet the Catholic Church are acting like a country club or an elite VIP member at a party.  The Catholic church needs to bring back the message of hope and unity (Also, find the next Joel Osteen and his mullet) like it used to be.  Get your act together and be part of the 21st Century.

3. Blogging and Sports

I only saw 10 seconds of a debate about blogging and the media between Buzz Bissinger and Deadspin creator Will Leitch and you know the ten seconds I’m talking about.  From that clip, Bissinger had made great points, but didn’t present himself well in that segment.  In the aftermath, the bloggers praise Leitch and bash Bissinger, which is not a shock.  I wasn’t shock as well that Bissinger apologize and mention clearly that blogs do have a place in the media.  Now the question:  who is Will Leitch and what is his purpose that he created Deadspin?  

From his interviews, Leitch has stated that he created Deadspin for the fans who are hating corporate media, the journalists and elitist athletes who have everything and a regular fan is paying money to put it in their pockets.  I’ve read Deadspin on occasion and understand why it’s the number one sports blog.  In a nutshell, Deadspin is to the sports world as TMZ is to the entertainment industry.   The real problem is people view Deadspin really think is the best news source for sports.  Which leads to me that the only reason Deadspin exists…


Of course that’s not a big shock as well.  Everyone who wants to blog wants attention, including myself.  However, I think Leitch saw the TMZ format working well and use the same method into sports and is working.  From this entry from Fanhouse, Jason Whitlock mentioned that Deadspin is the low class of all the blogs because of his use of race.  However, the main point is from an NPR interview where Will did for Weekend Edition with Scott Simon where Scott asked him about his glossary about race and sex.  This made me gave an opinion that Will Leitch is either a closet racist and pervert or is an attention whore.  Either way, any view is unfavorable to me.  There are blogs I really like and some I don’t, but the most important of a blog is about the intent from the creator or person writing in that blog and from Will Leitch’s books and posts, I will back away.

4. Tony Kornheiser’s Washington Post buyout

At the end of the month, Tony Kornheiser will take the buyout and leave the Washington Post as a full-time employee.  This was expected, but here’s one thing I will miss: The Washington Post Sports staff.  Here is the list of people that worked for the Washington Post in the 1980s-90s:

  • Tony Kornheiser
  • Michael Wilbon
  • Richard Justice
  • Rachel Nichols (Alexander)
  • Liz Clarke
  • Thomas Boswell
  • David Aldridge
  • Dave Kindred
  • Shirley Povich
  • Norman Chad
  • Len Shapiro
  • Christine Brennan
  • Andrew Beyer
  • John “Junior” Feinstein

There were many others, but that my friends is a sports department.  I use to read their columns daily when I was very young.  Sadly, we’re probably not going to have this list of writers in the same office or anywhere.  I don’t blame Mr. Tony taking the buyout since he has other avenues that he’s making cash.  This is one thing when newspapaers failed to embrace the new technology, and now, they are paying for it now. 

5. Links of Interest

Here are some links that when you click it, it reads for itself:

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  5. By Popular Demand for the five people who read this blog: Liz Clarke on C-SPAN with a cameo appearance by some goofus with a brown sweater.

That is all.  Next month…


See you then and lock the doors.

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  • Hi,

    I found your site via a Google News alert for “pro-life liberal”. It’s always good to find another pro-life liberal out there in the blogosphere. 🙂 I just watched about half of that interview that Chris Mathews did with Kevin James, and I have to say, I really don’t feel sorry for him at all (though Mathews sure pwned him — who knew he had it in him?) If he’s going to go on the air and spew lies that he doesn’t even *understand*, he deserves some pwning.

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