Tracy’s Random Thoughts November 2006 edition

I wasted all my good points on Election Day, so this is going to be short and sweet. 

1. The Holiday Season

I love the holiday season: the cold, the gifts, the hope, diversity uniting, and others.  But there’s one thing that has bother me the past few years is people are handing their close friends and relatives gift certificates.   First, gift certificates are only good for co-workers or someone you met randomly and felt like giving someone a gift.  Gift certificates, for me, are a cop out for people who are not making an effort of getting a gift.  Is it possible gift certificates give stores a lot of business? Yes.  However, if you’re a close friend or a relative, would you want someone make a little effort on what they gave you?  I’ll be honest, if you give me a rock for Christmas, I’m not going to like it, but I accept it because at least you put thought on it and probably you were on a budget.  A rock is a more acceptable than a gift card because a rock could have meaning, while a gift card is just plastic money to do whatever you want because the giver is not making an attempt.  Hello, that’s why people create Christmas lists.  If you can’t get something in the list, make or buy something creative.  I would have my close friends and family put thought on my gift than just blowing it off.  I know some or probably most of you don’t agree on my thought on gifts, but I could be old school.

2. My recommendations

Movies:  Here come the good movies coming out.  The only movies I want to see are Borat, Stranger than Fiction, and The Departed. 

Music: Beck’s The Information is the most unique album I heard in a while and a good listen.  If you go to iTunes, you get the album, plus the videos for $11.99.  That, my friends, is a bargain.   I’m still trying to find in the holidays.

TV:  Nothing new

Books: A good selection out there with Barack Obama, Mitch Albom, Stephen King, and Karl Pilkington.

3.  The NFL

I love football, but there’s something I have been thinking a long time.   There hasn’t been anything exciting in the NFL since the 2001 season.   Afterwards, I can’t remember a good NFL season.  I think part of it is parity, but the NFL is still growing.  The problem is the hype is created by gambling and fantasy football.  It’s not the game; it’s the extracurricular activity around the game that makes the actual game enhancing.  I would say on action, football would be third behind hockey and basketball, but hockey and basketball have a long season and nothing interesting for gamblers.   The NFL has done a wonderful job creating the hype, but the product hasn’t lived up to it and I hope they realize that sooner than later.

4. Thanksgiving

My family has a unique Thanksgiving.  We do have regular Thanksgiving food like turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie, etc.  The difference is we actually cut the turkey and our setup is like a buffet and we create turkey wraps.  I always like creating new recipes this year.  But the ultimate is trying to fry a turkey, but it’s not going to happen.  It will come soon.

That is all for me.  Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone. 

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