Tracy’s Random Thoughts November 2008 Edition

First, how do you like the new design?  Also, how do you like the new badges I’ve been figuring out for a few weeks?  Site is now simple and easy to follow.  Hope you enjoy, but onto better things: me.

1. The 2008 Presidential Election

Since I’ve discuss the Presidential election at length, there is more of the other stuff that happen other than the result:

  • CNN brought out their newest technological innovation…the hologram.  I could go with a Star Wars, Star Trek, or a Mortal Kombat joke.  Everything has been taken.  But if you want innovation from CNN,  it’s here.
  • Kind of sad that Jon Stewart was the first person to call the election.  Though  everyone knew when Ohio was called for Obama, it was over.
  • This leads to the next few years when Jon Stewart’s contract expires.   The next four are going to be interesting as we have a serious president.  Yes, there are some jokes available, but when network late night is calling for $30-40 million per year, it’s hard to turn that down.  The late night wars get interesting again.
  • Note to networks:  Train your analysts how to use the touchboard.  Two years my friends, there’s plenty of time to train.
  • Saturday Night Live had a great year during the campaign.  Now, they’re back to sucking without one of their key players in Amy Poehler.
  • NBC had the best all-around performance:  Their newscast, their commentators, SNL.  Still, Ben Silverman still has a job because he brought Knight Rider into our lives again.
  • Prediction:  FAUX News will still be at top of the cable news networks because the South watches a lot of TV that relate to them.  However, their power has been diminished significantly.
  • If you want to know how can an Obama administration is changing, look at today’s events.  Tons of people protesting to say no to Prop 8 in California after voters pass the proposition. Now, people from all sides are joining the effort, either rain or shine, to want equality to all and that’s cool. 
  • Somebody didn’t listen to Peter Schiff.  Here comes the Ron Paulites mocking everyone else:
  • The loser of the election…Neoconservatives and the newspaper industry.  They are tried their best (depending on your view), but did not get the result they want.
  • The winner of the election…Nate Silver of  Somebody is hitting the jackpot.

2. Tony Reali

If you don’t know who Tony Reali is;  he’s “Stat Boy” of Pardon the Interruption and host of Around the Horn.   For the first few years, he meshes great with Tony and Mike.  I also give him credit for bring ATH some respectability, but not that much.   However, he’s kind of rubbing some the wrong way.  My first indication was when I interned at NPR, I saw him a couple of times along Chinatown and he carries a water bottle, but he doesn’t hold it on his hand, he puts it on his back pocket.  I find it gross, but it didn’t give me any indication of future outcomes.  Then, on the last Halloween show on PTI, he never dressed up and everyone else did.  Some are split that wearing that Halloween is a kids holiday.  I can understand that, but his tone seemed obnoxious while saying “I’m an adult.”  Also, Luke Russert wore a Buffalo Bills jersey and all Reali wears is a sports jacket and a muscle shirt?  And he mocks Tony and Mike about their wardrobe allowance?

However, the top indication Reali has change is two words:  [The name that shall be nameless].   It’s odd that [The name that shall be nameless] is winning a lot from Reali hosting.  Doesn’t Reali know he’s reading from cue cards when he makes his “points.”  Then, Dan Levy had an interview with Reali and this was very telling:

Interview with Reali about no name.

Rick Telander doesn’t count because he has the same qualities as [The name that shall be nameless], but he’s more inclusive.  However, if Roger Ebert writes an open letter about [The name that shall be nameless] and you still think he’s good, then you’re Ben Lyons.

There could be many reasons why Reali is like this right now: 

  • He’s a newlywed.
  • [The name that shall be nameless] paying him off.
  • Wants to be the next Michael Phelps (not for the gold, for other stuff).
  • He’s jealous of Nate Silver’s success since Nate is now the true “Stat Man.” 

I’ll take the latter.

3.  Pushing Daisies

You know I’m a big fan of Pushing Daisies by doing some live-blogging when the show airs to get 3 or 4 additional viewers.  You all heard the news is ABC told production to stop at Episode 13, and then let’s see how it goes.  I can tell you what’s going to happen;  enjoy the last 8 episodes.   It’s odd that Knight Rider will survive and not this genius show.  Really people?!!!

4.  Holiday Music

Yes, the holidays are coming, but I must tell one of my pet peeves right now:  Playing holiday music before Thanksgiving or Halloween, depending where you live.  I know people are excited for the holidays, but take it one holiday at a time.  Right now, I want commercials and shows that are based on turkeys, the right recipes and if a tofu turkey is delicious.  Worry about the holiday season after the Thanksgiving Day Parade is over.  This year, you can start early since the traditional Thanksgiving football games suck this year.   Then, you can bust the holiday music.  Next time, I’ll bring my holiday music mix.

5.  Cash commercials

What is up with the numerous commercials from Cashpoint and Cash4Gold?  By the way, how you know if it’s a bad commercial:  If someone is driving the car, and waving cash out the window, in front of a camera, it’s called a Beatdown Situation. 

6.  Bacon beats Fries

Personally, Fries kills Bacon in all categories.  Bacon is great in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Bacon is versatile and  tasty.  You can add as a great condiment as well.  Bacon is a wonderful all-around performer.  However, Fries is a once-in-a-lifetime performer.  Can do all the functions bacon does, but more diverse, versatile, and can handle a variety of dipping sauces.  Also, it doesn’t want to discriminate; it can go skinny or obese.  You can’t stop the Fries.

The state of Colorado did not agree.   The Tracy Maniacs do not agree with the election result in Colorado.

That is all, hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and during these times, you must protect the house.

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