Tracy’s Random Thoughts November-December 2007, and Parts of January 2008 Edition

Wow, I never realized it has been last October since my last post.  There are reasons for it, but I’ll save it for another time.  Actually, I have one comment that someone wanted to write more.  So this is a sign of one man’s desperation, here we go:

1. Sean Taylor and the Redskins

I haven’t talk about this much, but the murder of Sean Taylor was a terrible tragedy and in DC sports, it’s up there with Len Bias’s death and the popular Glenn Brenner (if you lived in the DC area, he was huge).  At that time, I was working at home (My company was moving to a new office at the time) and I was in a state of shock when I heard the news that he was shot, I was shocked at where was he at. 

When I heard he was in Miami, it didn’t shock me as much, but you’re still blown away that an NFL superstar was fighting for his life.  When he passed away, you would hear a pin drop in DC and just sadness around the area.  At the time, they didn’t care about the Redskins; they wanted the season to be over. 

The first game back, they had the lead against the Buffalo Bills and blew it, which involved Joe Gibbs’s back-to-back timeouts at the end.  Everyone dogged Gibbs of not knowing the rule.  I was in the minority that Gibbs let his emotions have the best in him and I honestly feel it was a mistake, but it was understood, not like every DC media outlet hating Gibbs for that instance with no reasoning.  Everyone thought the season was done, but the Redskins pulled four straight to get in the playoffs.  Although they lost to Seattle yesterday, every Redskins fan is happy for the team after probably its worst season in context.  If you were talking to me about the Skins a few weeks ago, the franchise would have a long road ahead and might take 5 years to rebuild the team again.  Now, if they get the right players and don’t go on a spending binge, this team can contend to the Super Bowl and honor Sean the right way and get him that ring.

On the murder case, the police and every Sean Taylor fan should thank Antrel Rolle for this case not going into the backburner.  When Antrel made that rant about the case, the police got their suspects and all four are charged of attempted burglary and murder.  The case is not a slam dunk, but during the investigation, they’re were no leads, but when Antrel jumped in, the case is almost solved.  A trial is not set, but looks like a conclusion might be coming.

As for the media, I agree with the sportswriters that this was not shocking because not of Sean, but of Miami’s landscape.  I have a friend who reported local stories in Miami and does paint a picture well of how most of the Miami is still poverish and crime-infested.  Sean Taylor’s past and present means nothing.  Great, he was changing his ways, but I think everyone else, who saw the big picture, asked if the Miami environment and culture would let Sean change?  Sadly, the answer was no and crime is still a problem in some big cities, including Miami and DC. 

2. Election 2008

At first, I was pessimistic about how the Presidential elections turned out and from the Iowa Caucuses; I was very surprised and hopeful.  I make no bones about it, I am a supporter of Barack Obama because he has unique vision the United States needs and represent well in all demographics (I would go for specifics, but that would take a whole web page to do it).  My problem would be if my generation would come out and vote.  From the looks of it, the Generation X and Y people are coming in droves and are filling up areas that surpassed maximum capacity in each building to support Obama.  If you win Iowa, that is pre-dominantly white, and win by a big margin, you have done something right and Obama made history.  Right now, unless he screws up big time, this is his election to lose.  We are at a silent revolution that change needs to happen.  Too bad for Hillary Clinton and John Edwards;  if it were any other year, they would get the buzz, they just chose the wrong time doing it.

As for the Republicans, I think this is the more intriguing side with such more variety and suspense.  For disclosure, I knew Mike Huckabee entered the race in the New York Times Daily Quiz but I knew he was the former Governor of Arkansas and a Southern Baptist Minister.  When I heard his profile, I knew immediately that he’s going to win the Southern states and possibly Iowa and Indiana.  I knew there were no frontrunners for the GOP.  Mitt Romney had the looks and the money to be the frontrunner, but again, wrong tactics, wrong time.  Fred Thompson is there for window-dressing, and Rudy Giuliani is MIA.  John McCain just got second wind because he’s perceived as a rebel Republican.  I do think the Republican race is between John McCain and Mike Huckabee and Mitt lost his frontrunner position with now the old way of politics.   Also, if you saw last night’s debate (yes, I watch the debate over the Jags-Steelers because I still felt sad about the Skins), that was most confrontation and entertaining scuffles (it wasn’t really a debate) I’ve seen.  Everyone attack Mitt on his negative ads, illegal immigration, religion, any topic that was game.  I use to think Romney was the frontrunner who has everything a President should look like.  Well, he does have the looks, but for his views and tactics, good luck defending.

For whom the nominees are, the Democrat is likely going to be Barack Obama.  As for the Republicans, it’s tough to say, but I were a betting man, I think it’s Mike Huckabee because the Southern states will push him to the top and has the Bible Belt down pat.  Now, that could lead to an Obama-Huckabee fight, which could be anti-climatic because the both are lovers and have good intentions on elections.  It depends on the turnout and if Iowa is a sign of things to come, it’s an Obamannhilation.

Before I leave this topic, here are a few words to alternate with change:

  • Revolution
  • Generational shift
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Alteration

3. The Writers’ Strike

Now this is a story everyone should know, but really don’t have a grasp.  A brief summary, the WGA had contracts only deal with shows.  But, with the advancement of technology like streaming video and other outlets, the big companies are profiting from it, but the writers don’t see a dime.  Internet revenue is now into the billions and the companies are keeping it amongst themselves.  I sided on the writers because they’re making shows to put the networks to air and get nothing except an Emmy.   This means there are no shows on production and cities are losing money with no production.  This could drag on a long time, but this is the fight the writers need to win.

Now, the first deal the WGA has done is with Worldwide Pants (David Letterman’s company) and I think that strategy can work out, but the problem is Jay Leno, for some odd reason, still gets an audience and the first week proves he still beats Letterman and NBC can say the heck with writers.  But hopefully in the next week or so, I think Letterman will win the ratings, if he wants to because they’re relying on the same jokes and someone needs to tell Letterman this is the perfect opportunity to get a bigger audience.  

As for the networks, this truly hurts production for reliable shows like CSI or Grey’s Anatomy.  But, this is also a great showcase of other shows like Psych, Dexter, or those Disney Channel shows to have broad appeal.  Also, I hope the networks go year around and throw away sweeps since its useless now.   Speaking of the Disney Channel…

4. The Disney Channel

Thanks to High School Musical, I have an amusement of watching the Disney Channel.  What I realize are a couple of things.  1) Their shows are similar to the ABC TGIF days.  A lot of these shows do compare to Family Matters, Full House, and other shows.  Although the majority of the stars are tweens, the shows do have a good balance of stars and who are the scene stealers (mostly adults).  It’s mindless fun and I’m ashamed of admitting it.

That’s all for now, but I will again soon, I  promise.  Oh, if you expect to read my opinions of the Spears, Kim Kardashian (not going to look up the spelling), or Andy Dick, here is a one word answer: Why? 

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