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I’m glad that I have a job and being an adult because right now, Washington is a hot spot for sports for the first time since 1988.  I have being to all sporting events and this month convinces me this:  Washington sports needed this and hockey is the best sporting experience you ever going to attend. 

I’m rethreading this because the Nationals have a new stadium and it is more fan-friendly than RFK.  The stadium will be the keystone for the Navy Yard-Anacostia area and from the looks of it two-three years from now, that area will be a moneymaker for the city.  Right now, the Nationals don’t have a great team, but it’s a great experience for everyone, including the visitors’ team (just ask my friend Christy).  Oh, if you want to attend the games, here is the schedule of the tickets that I have:

April 27 vs. Cubs – 1:35 PM (1)
May 1 vs. Pirates – 7 PM (1)
May 20 vs. Phillies – 7 PM (1)
May 25 vs. Brewers – 1:35 PM (1)
June 5 vs. Cardnials – 7 PM (1)
June 9 vs. Giants – 7 PM (1)
June 22 vs. Texas Rangers – 1:35 PM (Both tickets are available)
June 24 vs. LA Angels of Anaheim – 7 PM (Both tickets are available)
June 29 vs. Orioles – 1:35 PM (1)
July 9 vs. Diamondbacks – 7 PM (1)
July 13 vs. Astros – 1:35 PM (1)
August 3 vs. Reds – 1:35 PM (1)
August 17 vs. Rockies – 1:35 PM (1)
August 28 vs. Dodgers – 7 PM (1)
August 31 vs. Braves – 1:35 PM (Taken)
September 2 vs. Phillies – 7 PM (1)
September 16 vs. Mets – 7 PM (1)
September 21 vs. Padres – 1:35 PM (1)

By the way, if you come to the game, don’t come with a newspaper or book and read the finance section for most of the game.  You’re wishing for a line drive on your head and deservingly so.  The reason to attend the game is to enjoy it.

However, I also discovered the Verizon Center, when filled, is one of the loudest places anywhere.  It is a great arena in downtown DC and it was wonderful for economy in that city, but winning will make it a cash cow and the Verizon Center is peaking up at the right time.  It’s no doubt a basketball city with local colleges and the Wizards.  But, if Ted Leonsis wants to capitalize on the Caps success, he must sell every season ticket for next year, and he is ahead of schedule.  It’s discovered when the Caps are winning; people will come to see the game.  In the next 5-10 years, Leonsis will have a gold mine of a team and hopefully a Stanley Cup run at that time.  Also it helps that most of the young players will be long time Capitals.  As a added bonus, hockey is the best sporting experience you ever going to attend because it’s non-stop and it’s like going to a movie in 3D and you actually feel the excitement.  Next year, expect hockey to overtake basketball as the second sport in DC because not only of the Caps, but the Frozen Four (Men’s College Hockey Final Four) will be in DC next year.  Perfect timing.

As for Pro Football, it’s a TV sport and the best view is the second deck up, unless you’re in a college game, then you’re become the 12th man.  Soccer is ruckus, but can get boring at times.

Why am I mentioning this?  You tell Charlie Rose why is he coming back to DC and you get your answer.


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