Welcome To My Newly Re-Designed Blog!

Written by Tracy

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a great start to your New Years and I want to officially welcome you to my newly re-design blog. This is only my second re-design in the nine years I have been blogging. The first was the transition from Blogger to WordPress 7-8 years ago. In the past few years, I wanted to re-design my blog, but I didn’t have the funding, as you already know. After trying to find someone, I did. I want to thank Danny McBride (not the actor from Eastbound & Down and the Seth Rogen movies) and the team at Spysie for re-designing my blog and it looks awesome.

As for the blog, it will have the same voice (if you like it or not), but I have to remind myself to put featured images for each blog post. I will still do “If I were Running The Company…” series from Monday-Thursday on a frequent (not regular) basis and have random thoughts or recaps, on occasion, on Sundays. I will probably need to write a lot on weekends with my work schedule being hectic.


The New Blogroll:

On most blog sidebars, they have their social media profiles, search, “subscribe by email,” blogrolls, affiliations, and archives. Everything is on it here, but the blogroll is different. Normally, you will have a list of links to the blog, but my blogroll has current articles from blogs I read. When you refresh, there might be a new article you want to read.


I was debating to go magazine-style or traditional. In the end, I want to go to magazine-style for the featured image and keep a little intrigue for the audience to click to the story. If you’re not interested in intrigue and want to go to the story, I would subscribe to the blog or subscribe to the feed on the right.


I have to give Spysie credit on this. This was not initially high on my to-do list on my newly re-designed blog, but it is very slick and the UI looks great and still keeps the integrity of the site. Here’s the screenshot of the mobile site:

2015-01-03 14.33.09


Job Board:

The biggest addition to my blog is the job board. I have been trying to re-invent (or renovate) the job board for nearly four years, starting with NatsJobs. I helped out on Recruit4Cause to add a few features. Although we were confident about the job board, the one part we missed totally, and the primary reason why it failed, was we didn’t have a real community we set in. For this job board, although I’m only one person, I’m in several communities that people know me from:

  • HR/Recruiting
  • D.C. Sports
  • Ed fans
  • Tony Kornheiser littles

I really want this job board to be a multi-faceted tool for recruiters/hiring managers to take advantage of what the company does and the different job seekers to see where they are comfortable with, either their networkers, idea generators, or want to find an opportunity. I also want this to be a creative outlet for the HR/Recruiting department to promote their brand and be out there, in more ways than one.

I put a price of $10 because if I did it for free, spammers would be running rampant. If you’re interested in posting, please contact me here and here’s what I want in your job posting. I will explain all of this week why I am doing this.

The site will be making adjustments, but so far, I really like. Question is how do you like it? Any additions you want to see? What posts you want to see me doing more? Put it in the comments section.

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