Well, this stinks…[stinks.]

This past Wednesday, I felt sore and was unusually limping to my room and to work.  I was in no pain,  but I had discomfort and my left foot wouldn’t lift.   I was trying to run, but couldn’t do it and I had to go to work because everyone in my division was on vacation or business trip.   I thought I had an ankle sprain but that usually is being caused by a slip up while running, which I didn’t do.

Then I realize from my brother that I have ankle tendinitis on the front ankle.   I did a little research and that was the exact assessment.  Some of the cause for this is over-training, which to my own admission I probably did, and not enough ankle stretches during warm-ups, which I didn’t do.

As of now, I’m back on the couch resting my left ankle and basically going to do nothing this weekend.  I have done research on this and I need to start doing ankle stretches when I’m 100%.  I do enjoy the long distance running not because I had to lose weight, but I feel like it’s more sightseeing like I experience last Fourth of July.  I hope to run again before Memorial Day and go back to the 2-3 mile runs a day and if I can leave work early on Friday, I can run from work to the Metro, take a half-hour break, and run from my Metro stop to home.  I tried it once, but was stopped by a heavy downpour.    This summer, I’m going to run insane miles, but right now I need to rest and be bloated for a short while.

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