What is Coming Up in the Next Few Months

I’m approaching my one year anniversary of starting my own business and there are tons of things going on in the next few months to celebrate it.  Ok, this post might be self-serving for some (or most), but I really like meeting new people on a variety of topics either for business or fun.  So, here’s the rundown:

  • I will be attending a few social media and recruiting club meetings.  Check both of my Twitter account for listings.
  • I’m 50/50 of attending Mashable’s Summer of Social Good Tweetup in DC, but I will be going to the Washington Twestival Local Event on September 10 (albeit it coincides with the opening of the NFL Regular Season).  Met a lot of great people from the Twestival event last February, why not attend another Twestival event?
  • I will be a guest at HR Happy Hour, tentatively scheduled for August 28.  The topic is “Sports and HR”  Come join me and my Johnnie Walker Blue because I am going to get loaded on the show and cause visitors to drop.
  • Going to the first Washington Capitals Convention on September 26.  Hit me up if you’re attending.  I also might attend Caps Training Camp in September.
  • My birthday is on September 24…not a big deal.
  • I will still do my virtual offices in the DC Metro Area. If you want to have an informal chat or discuss business, I’m open.  Again, check both my Twitter accounts for listings.

There are two big events will happen during the next few months:

  • I will be doing my first workshop on “Social Media for Businesses” in October.  The details are vague right now, but email, Twitter, or call me for more details and/or you’re interested.  It’s going to happen, but I need to know who will be attending.
  • Finally, the biggest news of them all…TONY KORNHEISER IS BACK ON THE RADIO!!! Mr. Tony will be back on September 8 on WTEM 980 in DC.  There will be live-streaming and podcasts.  Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, or the old fashion way…talk to people about it.  Give thanks to Jim Zinzi for the information.

There will be more events I will be attending and I’ll announce it on my social media profiles.  I’ll see you on the flip side and give me a heads up.

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