Why I’m voting for Barack Obama

Yes, it’s an excuse to do it before Super Tuesday, but it’s worth a shot (for no one):

  1. Obama brings such inspiration and hope to everyone and from his demeanor and speech, he has that gentle authority to believe, we can change.
  2. On healthcare, his plan is the absolute best as everyone can afford healthcare and would provide mandates.  Also, this is the most universal health care out there, not the mandates the Democrats wants.
  3. Obama might be the only person to not only unite the country, but the whole world.  Of course, there are going to be battles he can’t win, but he would bring a worldly focus that globalization is here and the people need to see that.
  4. I’m not a financial expert nor to be one, but looking at most of the financial media, Obama’s plan might not be the best, but is in the top of the president’s list.  I can tell you this, if he selects Mark Warner for Vice President, the economy will recover.
  5. I don’t care about lobbyists’ money and where it goes, that has been politics forever. But if you except money from Rupert Mur…uh excuse me, Rupert “F’N” Murdoch from the Democratic party, you don’t deserve my vote.  (Look at past posts about this reason)
  6. Obama has the instincts of what is going on out in the world.  He knew it was a bad idea to invade Iraq and he knows there’s a bigger dilemma like in Africa.  Although he doesn’t have the experience, his instincts are second to none (except Ron Paul, who has huge support from the military).
  7. He actually thinks about the question and gives an honest response.  People say he’s a bad debater.  To me, he’s an unnatural natural.  He does give pauses and umms, but at least he’s thinking for his answer, not the best answer.  He might take lessons of quick wits from another Chicago native, Bonnie Hunt, but if you want a one and one debate, he will shine.
  8. He’s a unique combination of an intelligent person on the job, but off it, he would like to hang out at a bar or have family parties.  He has that vibe and it feels authentic.
  9. He’s the next generational president meaning an overhaul of policies and advancing the country to new boundaries.
  10. He wants us to look at him as a person and forget what the book cover looks like read inside and you get details and a fascinating story of who he is and he is very frank among talking to the people, which I really like.
  11. Finally, Hulk Hogan endorsed him, meaning the song “Real American” by Rick Derringer, Obama can use that song.

I hope people vote in the Super Tuesday states and vote early, because Fat Tuesday is tomorrow, and for Giants fans, a 3 hour vigil of Eli Manning. 

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