Wine, Cheese, and HR Young Professionals

Appearance Note:  I will be attending the SHRM’s 1st Annual Wine, Cheese, and HR Young Professionals Networking Event this Wednesday.  This is the first event the SHRM has dealt with young professionals (with the exception in the main Conference in June).  I really don’t know what to expect from the event since SHRM contacted Jessica Lee and I a couple weeks ago about the event, although the event is almost sold out, which is awesome in such short notice.

What I should expect from this event is people talk about their job searches, workplace culture, money, long-term situations, generational differences, you name it.  I have no expectations out of this, so I’m coming in with a blank canvas.

I do know is SHRM really wants everyone’s viewpoint and the past couple of weeks, have grabbed Lance Haun and Mark Stelzner to be SHRM members and ask Jessica and I to be part of the event.  You might question the overall outlook of SHRM, but you can’t question their committment of asking HR professionals of what SHRM (or HR in general) should be in the upcoming years (although I’m worried this invite to the networking event might be a trap to be stuck in a SHRM dungeon for years and years for something I’ve done that I didn’t know it was illegal in SHRM).

I hope to learn a lot from the people who are coming to the event and if anyone is reading this and is attending the networking event, a question to ask before entering the event:

To you, what is Human Resources?

Ponder that and we’ll discuss this Wednesday.


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