Your 2013 Washington Redskins Review

Boy, was I wrong with my prediction. The Redskins were a borderline playoff team, to me. I expected 8-8 to 10-6. Instead, they messed up the hopes and dreams of D.C. by finishing 3-13, losing the last 8 straight games, gave no reason of hope, and worst if all, they surrender the 2nd pick to the St. Louis Rams and all likely hood, would select Jadevaon Clowney or Anthony Barr. How did come from hope and optimism is January 2013 to gloom and doom now?

Frankly, the 2013 season started in the Wild Card game against Seattle where the Skins had a 14-0 lead, but RGIII’s knee was going to fall apart. RGIII stayed in and you know the result. This prompted criticism to Mike Shanahan, RGIII, the FedEx Field turf, and Dr. James Andrews. So, RGIII had all offseason rehabbing his knee, but couldn’t practice. Seeing his mistake of keeping RGIII longer, Shanny took the cautious approach of bringing RGIII in the regular season. This prompted a lot of back and forth between RGIII and Shanahan in the press and that carried over to the regular season.

You knew immediately that RGIII was struggling playing with the brace and there was no imagination and creativity in the play-calling. On top of that, the defense was horrendous and you could pass on them all day. With several rumors floating around, there was one thing that was true: RGIII, Mike Shanahan, and Dan Snyder cannot co-exist. It festered throughout the season and the climax of the drama was when RGIII was benched for Kirk Cousins.

As of now, Mike Shanahan and his whole staff are fired and the Skins have to find a new coach. Sadly, they technically don’t have a real general manager as Bruce Allen is more of an “accountant” than a “personnel” guy. So what is the next step: Snyder has tried big name coaches, bring coaches from the past, assistant coaches, and college coaches, and most of them didn’t do squat. I think his next move is getting a former player to coach and that is why I thought Russ Grimm is the front-runner. However…

That might be an issue.

You are going to hear big name coaches for this position and not sure any of them fit because of Dan Snyder.

I do not know what direction the Redskins are heading and that is troublesome. Here are two things we know: The first is RGIII has to mature and improve. He had his high in his rookie season and his very low in his sophomore season. Now, he has be near his high in his 3rd season and he will have all offseason to go “All In for 2014.” The other thing we know is the salary cap restrictions are removed from the Skins next year and they have lots of cap room. This is the only year Snyder the Shopaholic is appropriate since they have no 1st round pick and needs a lot of help in many areas.

2013 was a terrible year for the Redskins. 2014 is a huge question mark and no one knows the answer to their problems. It is up to RGIII, Dan Snyder, and the new coach be on the same page. That’s one tall order.

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