The Lisa Loeb Experience

Last Tuesday, I went to the Lisa Loeb concert at the Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia. You’re wondering why a person who predominantly talks about sports, recruiting, Kornheiser, and others would attend a Lisa Loeb concert? Two reasons:

  1. I really like her music.
  2. If I ever get married and reach the 10-year anniversary marker, I would use my “free pass” on her, if given.

As for the concert, this was the second time I went to the Jammin’ Java to see a concert (my first encounter was in 2006. Details here). It mentioned on their website that the Lobby Bar was open at 6PM. However, Lisa flew from New York , where earlier, she was doing a live performance for VH1 and likely arrived late in Vienna. So, I stood in line for almost 45 minutes into the wind and at the same time, I had a conference call on a project I’m working on.

Around 7PM, the crowd enter in the Lobby Bar after sound checks were done and 30 minutes later, everyone enter to the stage to take the seat. I initially had a table, but apparently I was seated on the VIP table. I was in that seat for 30 minutes and met a father-daughter duo who sit next to me. The father was very talkative, while the daughter felt embarrassed that her father was talking to strangers (that would be me).  I mentioned to her that your father is fine and he’s not being a jerk and if I know your father is a jerk, I would walk away. I didn’t. The only time I had to walk away was when someone had VIP seats and was in one of them and had to walk behind the seats to not cause a scene. Everything worked out though, but I am further away from the stage.

The concert started with Satellite. It was a nice and quick 45 minute set from them and at 9PM, it was Lisa Loeb (and the Nine Stories). She played songs from the current album and play the classics. Lisa talks about being born in Bethesda, MD, but her family say they’re from D.C.

(As you know, if we discuss where I live, I tell them if they’re in the D.C. Metro area, I say I’m from Fairfax, VA, anywhere outside the D.C. area, I live in the D.C. region. It’s like Lisa and I are twins!)

Lisa also talks about going to Walgreens to find Passover Socks (or as she likes to call it, pey (P in Jewish alphabet) socks), why she made the album, and in an endearing way, she forgot some of her lyrics to some of the classics like “Fools Like Me.” Remember, it has been six years since her last adult album. In between, she got married and wrote children’s song. In her next to last set, she played “The Disappointing Pancake,” which is a creative children’s song.

After the concert, Lisa stayed to sign autographs, a quick chat, and taking pictures. I brought her Sing-Along book for my nephews and niece (please, don’t tell them it’s their Easter gift next week).

The only real disappointment of the night is that I didn’t take a picture with her and put it on my profile. Other than that, the concert was great and was the most transparent of the concerts I’ve been. This will likely be the last Lisa Loeb experience I will have and enjoy every bit of it. It felt like I was…ok, I said too much, but you know what I mean.

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Album Review: No Fairy Tale is easily the most rocked-out album Lisa Loeb has done. Her tone and music shines through. The issue I have is Chad Gilbert’s involvement. Hearing about the guitarist from New Found Glory was involved, I got scared because I do not like pop-punk, especially from them. It does deter the album, but only a little. It is still a good album and would still buy it. If you have a choice between Camp Lisa and No Fairy Tale, take her children’s album first and if you have extra money leftover, you can buy No Fairy Tale.

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