2011 Predictions

You know what I hate: people calling  their predictions fearless. All predictions are 50/50, so it could happen or not. It’s not fearless…it’s a promotional stunt. Here in this blog, I make real predictions (and some I have my intuition and some are prediction while intoxicated), but if someone puts my prediction on syndication, I charge $100 per site.

To review last year’s predictions: it’s actually wasn’t that bad, which surprised me.

Of note: you won’t see my business predictions since I made those there. Here are the rest of my 2011 predictions:

  • Major bills pass by the 112th Congress in 2011: 2
  • Obama’s approval rating will be around 50%, but on the over side as we’re counting down to the 2012 Elections.
  • The Republican Presidential primaries will start in August because…
  • The NFL will go on lockout and will start their shortened regular season in October.
  • The NHL TV rights will stay with the Comcast Networks (basically the NBC networks) and will ask Versus to change their name to the NBC Sports Network.
  • I’m not going to pick if the Caps will advance further in the playoffs because I feel unlucky, but I will say that either during or after this season, Alex Semin (or as I like to call him, Jizz) will not be a Washington Capital.
  • The Nationals will win 77 games and will not be in last place.
  • The Strasburg will pitch in September 2011 solely to get people in D.C. excited for 2012 and that the NFL is still on lockout.
  • Bryce Harper will reach Double A Harrisburg in 2011. June 2012 will be his major league debut.
  • The Wizards will trade Andray Blatche and will stink for the next couple of years and wait for the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.
  • The Redskins will buyout Donovan McNabb’s contract and will get a QB in the draft…and a WR. Also, their undefeated streak using scabs will be in jeopardy.
  • Everyone will be talking about the Verizon iPhone, but the iPad 2 will be the most profitable item for Apple because the iPhone will be released in late February, which will be a bad time since Android enhancers like a clip-on front-face camera out in the market at the same time.  The iPad has little or no competition on the tablet market.
  • Quora becoming the new social media site people want to jump in.
  • Google will lose 5% of their share in search and will lose a lot of shares in future years as social search gets defined.
  • The XBOX 360 Kinect will be a game changer in the video game market…and the workplace.
  • Since we’re near 2012 (the year of the Apocalypse) and the start of privatized spacecraft, more people will demand or actually move to Space and live in Mars.
  • The movie theater could be renamed the conference theater as people will buy more home theater systems to enhance the movie or sports experience. Actual movie theaters need to be proactive what to do like seminars or Q & As.
  • The immigration debate will always be heated in the states, but sports like soccer and cricket will grow in the United States as soccer has caught America’s attention and cricket becoming a niche sport in the states since its baseball, but with big points. Plus, it will be an Olympic sport in 2020 (for you cricket fanatics, pun not intended since the Olympics will use the Twenty20 format).
  • With the popularity of BBC America and other international programming, CBC will start CBC America with Canadian programming like Kids in the Hall, Men with Brooms, and their stalwart, Hockey Night in Canada. Here’s a preview of one of their shows, Little Mosque on the Prairie:
  • There will be a Tim Horton’s in DC. It will be around the Fall.
  • DC Metro ridership will fall 4% from this year’s totals.
  • Predictions that won’t happen but I hope will come soon:
    • Baseball TV rights and World Series goes to PBS.
    • Tony Kornheiser going to public radio and when ESPN dumps Tony and Michael Wilbon for being too old, they’ll head to Public TV.
    • The Redskins head back to play in Washington D.C.
    • Ed will be on DVD and internet stream.
  • Finally, I will have a girlfriend (Even I know that won’t happen, so stop dreaming and finish this blog.)

Hope you have a great 2011 and see you on the flip side.

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