2012 Predictions

It is now time for the annual post where I’m mostly wrong on everything, but amazingly nailed it on a couple of things. If you’re wondering, here were my predictions from 2011. I also learned I have a superpower: I can affect the game from my mere presence. If you want proof, you can ask Jason Motte of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals (courtesy: MASN):

Onto the crystal ball:

  • Barack Obama will win his re-election as President with 298 electoral votes.
  • The GOP nominee will be Mitt Romney, but you ain’t going to see happy faces.
  • The GOP will be taking over the Senate and House…and still have a 9% approval mark.
  • Barack Obama will be 2012 TIME’s Person of the Year.
  • SOPA will not be passed.
  • Unemployment will dip to 8%. More part-time workers will be hired.
  • The 2012 Apocalypse everyone is going to talk about: The “God Particle” explodes.
  • If there’s a mild and warm winter, expect a steamy summer and tons of storms in the D.C. area.
  • Goodbye WJFK, The Fan 106.7. Welcome, the new home of 106.7…WNEW.
  • WNEW will take away 2% of WTOP’s market in the D.C. area.
  • Tony Kornheiser will start his own paid-subscription podcast after he gets out of his ESPN 980 deal.
  • Number of my friends/followers who are dating based on Pinterest: 124.
  • Number of my friends/followers who are going to marry from Pinterest: 15.
  • Biggest grossing movie in 2012: Part 2 of Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Series.
  • Still waiting for CBC America.
  • There will be no games lost for the NHL as they will sign a deal in September, hence a crazy and short free-agent signing window.
  • Usain Bolt won’t break any world records at the London Olympics, but will be the main star before and after the Olympics.
  • With Mike Shanahan returning, he will tell Bruce Allen to make a deal to get the number 1 pick and the Redskins draft Andrew Luck since he’s the closest clone to John Elway.
  • The Capitals will make the playoffs as the 6th seed…and make it to the Conference semifinals and losing to the Penguins.
  • The Wizards will get the 4th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.
  • The Nationals will win 86 games and be 2 games out of the 5th spot in the National League.
  • The Nationals will not sign Prince Fielder. He will go to the Miami Marlins.
  • This will be the worst year in traffic for D.C. In 2013, it will be the best year for traffic in D.C.
  • With the influx of Walmart stores in the D.C. area and the struggles behind Giant, Safeway, and Food Lion; HMart will start advertising Metro on this:
  • The iPad3 will make good sales, but the iPhone 5 will be the best-selling smartphone of all-time…for the next 3 years since it is considered Steve Jobs’s last idea he dealt with.
  • Apple will announce a new gaming system to compete with Microsoft Kinect.
  • Fugazi will make a special, one-time appearance at the 9:30 Club in October.

Finally, the annaul prediction that won’t happen but still optimistic: I’m going to have a girlfriend. One of these years, I don’t have to write this anymore.

Have a comfortable 2012. Be safe.

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