2013 Predictions

Yes, it is one month late, but with a busy schedule, I finally am getting through to it. Here’s what I missed so far:

  • Fiscal Cliff passes
  • NHL Lockout ended
  • RG3 injured
  • Washington Wizards are decent with John Wall
  • Argo is winning the big awards so far.

That being said, here are my 2013 predictions:

  • Immigration reform will pass this year due to political pressure, plus the GOP need some of the demographics to come to them (race, gender, sexual orientation).
  • Ken Cucinelli will win the GOP Primary in Virginia, thus win the Governor’s seat in Virginia.
  • There will be one big “superstorm” coming to the U.S. this year, but won’t have the same effects as Sandy.
  • Not a prediction: Chicago will be a busy place this summer.
  • Mashable will be sold to the Huffington Post/Aol group (by the way, what is Mashable trying to be? I know some people there and are nice, but they’re pulling the SEO trick. Not sure they’re Huffington Post or Buzzfeed)
  • Apple will be in decline and is surpassed by Google on innovation due to Google Glasses.
  • Healthcare insurance companies will jump this year due to “Obamacare” kicking in next year.
  • Unemployment will remain at 7.7%
  • Going to be a bad year for movies. Revenues and sales will go down based on quality.
  • RG3 will be coming back…for the 1st game of the 2013 regular season.
  • Caps won’t make the playoffs, be in the bottom 4 and will win the lottery to pick defenseman Seth Jones (Popeye, Jr.)
  • This year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball winner will come from the 11th seed.
  • The Nats will win 92 games, win the wild card game, and go to the World Series.
  • With premium subscriptions, YouTube/Google will aim for sports leagues and premium channels to build up their brand.
  • The Silver Line Metro won’t open in time for Fall 2013.
  • Finally, I will date someone (but I doubt it.)

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