2014 Predictions

Looking at my predictions last year, I was so off. It was probably the last start and it as an odd year. Let’s see how this goes:


  • Obamacare will reach it’s 7 million before March 31.
  • GOP still controls the House, the Democrats will still control the Senate.
  • Sinclair will compete with Fox News of getting conservatives and tea partiers.
  • Hillary Clinton will announce she will run for President in 2016 (so to is Chris Christie)
  • It’s going to be cold in the winter, the cherry blossoms will go full bloom in the first week of April, and it’s going to be a very hot summer.


  • There will be a smartwatch that ill show a hologram and act as a projector.
  • There will be a company that will make food by science and be good.
  • Amazon has drones, Target and Walmart will install lasers.


  • The Silver Line will open in March.
  • The H St. Streetcar ill open in January.
  • I got Vince Gray winning the DC mayoral race in the slightest of margins over Tommy Wells.


  • The keyword: flexibility. Healthcare, tuition, perks, work conditions.
  • Unemployment rate will be a bit over 6%.
  • Temps, contingent, freelance workers will continue to rise.


  • Your new head coach of the Washington Redskins: Mike Martz.
  • The first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft belongs to…the Chicago Bulls. The second pick goes to the Toronto Raptors.
  • LeBron will stay in Miami.
  • Russia will win the most gold and overall medals in the Winter Olympics.
  • Brazil will win the World Cup.
  • The Nationals will win 90.


  • HBO returns to dominance…only to be overtaken by Netflix.
  • Jimmy Fallon will debut with great ratings…and then goes to second in November when Jay Leno visits Dave.
  • Whole Foods will be opening in Fairfax City.
  • I will be on a date (you know it’s my last prediction every year and you know how it turns out).

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