2015 Predictions

Written by Tracy

Another year in the books, another year to predict what’s going to happen next year. As for last year’s prediction, my only proud prediction was “Temps, contingent, freelance workers will continue to rise.” The others were far off. These predictions will be far off, but it’s so much fun to do this.


  • With a Democratic President and a Republican Congress, no bills will pass this year.
  • 11 million will join the ACA.
  • A mutiny will overthrow Vladimir Putin off and an election will be held in Russia.
  • There will be a rise of racial relations on the outskirts of most urban areas. Most agree peace is the best way, but there a random few who can change the narrative.
  • The rise of farmers markets and organic stores and the decline of big grocery store chains like Giant and Safeway.


  • This will be a thing on October 21.
  • Online payment will drive businesses to go all online and pop-up stores will become a trend for special occasions.
  • With the new Windows 10 and a new internet browser, Microsoft will become relevant again.
  • The Apple iWatch will only be used for ApplePay for most consumers.


  • Washington D.C. will be the U.S. Representative for the bidding of the 2024 Olympics.
  • With Muriel Bowser in charge, tech companies are going to move outside of D.C. to other D.C. Metropolitan areas.
  • Big retail stores, like Target and Walmart, and new restaurants will become prevalent.
  • Bad winter, average summer.


  • The certifications will cause people to transition out of HR to other career roles. It will be a few years until SHRM takes over HRCI.
  • There will be more people leaving after two years from their start date in history and thus the discussion will be heavily on retention vs. changing work environment.
  • Pay gap will increase between executives and employees not because of race or gender, but for big data and automation.
  • With the economy improving and unemployment dropping, companies will become aggressive poaching talent from other companies.
  • Monster will be on the brink of extinction and be bought by Linkedin.
  • Last year’s buzzwords: Culture and Big Data. This year: One-Person CEO.


  • The NBA will compete with the NFL next year on marketing and gambling. Won’t win the initial battle, but will win the war eventually.
  • In the overall picture, Peter Angelos will technically win the MASN case since he will still have TV rights of both Nats and Orioles, but the Nationals will get the consolation prize of $80 million/yr to help pay for their free agents next year.
  • Connor McDavid goes to the Buffalo Sabres. Jack Eichel goes to the Dallas Stars.
  • Bill Simmons goes to Turner to help CNN, NBA on TNT, join the Power Hour with Rachel Nichols, write columns for SI and elevate Bleacher Report.
  • Kentucky will win the Men’s National Basketball Championship…undefeated.
  • For 2015: Wizards – Lose in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Chicago Bulls; Capitals – Lose 1st Round to the New York Islanders; Redskins – 5 wins; Nationals – NL East Champions, lose in the World Series to Seattle; D.C. United – 5th in the Eastern Conference, lose in the play-in game.


  • Tim Tebow will have series this upcoming Fall for ABC on motivating people.
  • Fresh Off The Boat average viewers: 6.5 million.
  • Google, Facebook, and YouTube will hold their own online film festival.
  • Three Acts for Celebrate Fairfax!: Lifehouse, The Steve Miller Band, and some country act I never heard of.
  • David Letterman’s final guest will be Bill Murray. Jay Leno will be a guest in May.
  • Stephen Colbert will beat Jimmy Fallon in his first week. Will average 3.5 million viewers.
  • Sinclair Broadcasting will have its own cable station at the end of 2015.
  • With Net Neutrality an issue, cable companies will jack up their internet rates and keep cable rates low to duped people buying their package.
  • Uber and Lyft will turn their backs to customers for surge pricing and others.
  • I will have a date (notice what I did there?)

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