2016 Predictions

Written by Tracy

Looking at my predictions from last year, There were many things that were off, but that won’t stop me of making my stupid prediction:

Current Events:

  • GOP – Donald Trump. Democrat – Hillary Clinton. President – Hillary Clinton.
  • Mass shootings will not rise, but the coverage will increase from cable networks.
  • Someone will talk about succession.
  • The ACA will have 6 million next year with United Healthcare leaving.


  • Virtual Reality is the new gadget in 2016, but it will underwhelm.
  • The iPhone 7 will be released.
  • Wearable tech is out, nanobots are in.
  • Cable companies will increase the price of internet to justify the increase of cord-cutters.


  • Rise of independent contractors will rise to 42%
  • Unemployment will be 4%
  • More companies will institute training for guns and reduce work productivity. At the same, you will see the rise of telecommute worker.
  • Politics will be more infused in companies with the upcoming Presidential Election.


  • The streetcar will finish…in 2017.
  • Metro will not raise its rates, but increase the number of billboard ads.
  • It will be announced that Dan Snyder will build a new Redskins stadium in Tysons Corner.
  • There will be low number of riders on the Metro, and low cars on the road because of the new tolls implemented.
  • There will be a Tim Horton’s franchise in D.C.
  • People will start moving out of D.C. and live micro cities.
  • Weather: mild winter, hot summer.
  • National Harbor becomes the newest microcity in the D.C> area and will compete with Tysons.


  • The star of the 2016 Olympics: Katie Ledecky
  • USA will win 72 medals.
  • Kevin Durant will sign with…Oklahoma City
  • DC Sports:
    • Capitals – Eastern Conference Semifinal (I’m sorry, although they are playing great, I still don’t trust them in the playoffs)
    • Wizards – First round exit against the Miami Heat.
    • Nationals – Wild Card winner
    • Redskins – 2015: advance to the Divisional Playoffs. 2016: 8 wins, miss playoffs. Kirk Cousins: re-signed via franchise tag.
    • D.C. United – Lose in the one-game playoff, but will make a splash in international signings.


  • Networks will provide premium access to get revenues up.
  • Someone will create a GMO that is environmental friendly.
  • A Star Wars anthology will be the biggest grossing movie of the year.
  • Here’s how The Leftovers will end: everyone disappears.
  • Bill Cosby is the new O.J. Simpson.
  • Dating sites will become matching sites: matching friends, workplaces, favorite places, etc.
  • I’m not going to try about dating again.



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