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If you are new to my blog, here are 25 Things to know about me from the Facebook Notes.  If you see this on Facebook, this is a duplicate and this one goes out to a wider audience.  Here we go:

1. I’m started this list on Friday the 13th and originally posted on Valentine’s Day. This is intentional.

2. I had a drowning accident at summer camp after Kindergarten. I stayed at the hospital for 2 days because I wanted to go to the big kids pool with a child’s party. Most of it was sad and terrifying. I laughed a little when I still remember it because it was the first time I tried to be macho.

3. I have a birthmark under my left elbow.

4. McDreamy and I have something in common…we both live in a trailer.

5. The first concert I ever attended…Pat Benetar. I walked in to that…literally.

6. At around 12-13, somebody in our house accidently dialed the wrong number for a pay-per-view event and instead, the whole household got 5 minutes of porn. The scene was in a dungeon and a bunch of moaning. The cinematography was bad. I haven’t watch XXX porn since, but with television standards blurring and dance clubs, that’s going to be tough.

7. If you Google my name today, it would be a bunch of my profiles and my blog (and the guy from Dallas). If you Google my name 5-6 years ago…porn galore. One time in computer class, my teacher told us to type our name on Yahoo! The first 10 results were all porn and I told my teacher that I only typed my name. Hence, you get a lot of porn jokes on my status. Just to add, if you search my name, I wouldn’t go past 4 pages; that’s where the fun begins.

8. I get a lot of flack with my name: from teachers, friends, AARP, receptionists, Tony Kornheiser. The best story about my name was last week when I was doing my presentation on social media, two people came by: one man, one woman, with their own respective families. They got the email about the presentation, but their spouses saw the email as well. The wife of the man said in a demeaning tone, “Who’s Tracy Tran?!”, and the husband of the woman said in a demeaning tone “Who’s Tracy Tran?!” The job seekers had to tell them who I am. Their spouses were a bit unsettling, but trusted their loved ones. I wonder this is how Shirley Povich feels?

9. I won the school Geography Bee in the 5th grade and I thought I was going to compete in the county Georgraphy Bee. No one told me there was a written test before that. I failed the test, there for I didn’t advance to the next stage. I’ve always said that if I knew there was a test, I would past it and everything changes. Except being a recruiter, I would of been a traveler and world culture geek. We would never know.

10. I got my drivers license at 23. I hate driving and I’m a public commuter through and through. If it’s a long way and there are no bus rides, I’ll walk…really. I’ve done it with a business suit in the pouring rain before and I don’t mind it.

11. If you meet me in person for the first time, I’m a very shy person because I don’t know what to expect from you. Suddenly with social media, I’m becoming more open. Case in point: the DC Twestival I attended. It was really the first time I wasn’t shy because I knew some of the people from Twitter and the first time I could carry a conversation.

12. I do not take praise very well. I don’t mind you praising me, but I don’t want it because I don’t want to get a big ego. I do get complacent from time to time. So I motivate myself with hard rock and with me saying myself “I suck” and “I suck balls.” Reverse psychology in motion.

13. I’m a t-shirt and jeans/shorts person. I hate wearing a suit and tie unless it necessary like a business meeting or a wedding. Also, I prefer going to bars to watch sports and news than go to a nightclub. I’m down to earth guy, so to speak.

14. I’m very reflective. I do take a lot of photos and do a lot of thinking about many things through my iPod Touch and let my walk be the soundtrack of what I’m reflecting.

15. I’m an early-bird guy. I get that from my parents, where they arrive to the location 1 hour before the scheduled appointment/meeting. I wish I was an on-time guy most of the time. *sigh*

16. I prefer very cold temperatures and don’t mind wearing just a t-shirt and pants in the cold. I really can’t stand the heat (and humidity).

17. I mock myself a lot because it just reminds me that I’m human and I notice my flaws but at the same time, I love who I am and what I have.

18. I believe in God and fate (sorry if I offend any athiests). I believe God has a reason for us to be here and gives us signs on what to do next. God just doesn’t tell us, we have to find it.

19. I’m a pro-life liberal. For some, people are scratching their heads. It’s not that complicated, people. People have different points of view, and no, I’m not an advocate.

20. If all else fails in my recruiting business or I can’t get a job, I would love to start an online novelty store. It started in college where I won a free Washington Post Express yellow t-shirt. I wore it one day and a few people came up and liked it. The novelty stuff really kicked in when I watch an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants called “One Krab’s Trash“. What solidfy it was Dan Levy’s  Mr. Tony section of his online store and CNN starting to make t-shirts out of headlines. I need to pull the trigger on this.

21. I wanted to start a Twitter for Yogi and Puffy. I was denied. If you want to know why, don’t ask me, ask the people who are tagged who have the same last name as mine. Although, I want my ultimate pet to be a monkey and call it Buster.

22. Fantasy – I would like to have my wife to be a Washington DC Sports fanatic (I can live if she’s not a Wizards fan), realistic yet optimistic, wears glasses (thanks Tina Fey and Lisa Loeb), cultured on all aspects, reads current events, would challenge me to be better, Catholic, liberal, independent, and we both can raise a bunch of our healthy kids.

23. Reality – The fantasy person is very microscopic and I know it ain’t going to happen, but I do want someone who gets me and is trustworthy, loyal, and independent. Also, the chemistry has to be right. Although, there are two rules: she can’t be a Dallas Cowboys fan and she can’t be a neoconservative (Mom and Pops conservatives are acceptable). I want to have kids, but I don’t want my kids to be THAT messed up. It’s all in the genes and raising them.

24. I’m a recruiter so I’m in the lookout for people looking for a job. Remember, your profile is a blessing and a curse. I like to learn more about the applicant if they are detailed and have a blog. It could be a curse if I see a lot of booty call pics and a lame attempt at humor. So, think of me as a double agent.

25. I’m a very inclusive person, hence the diverse people I tagged.  Again, this is intentional. I want my HR Blogger friends to know my family; I want my family to know the Mr. Tony littles; I want the littles to know my former co-workers; I want the co-workers to know my long-time friends, I want my firends to know about my celebrity friends.  And when I get married, whenever that maybe, you’ll already know each other and the only shock in you eyes is if trip myself up. Don’t you love social networking?!

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  • Hi Tracy, have we met online before. Not sure. But I think this is my first visit to your blog. Are you on Twitter? I’m @animal on Twitter if you would like to connect to me there. As Arnold S said: “I’ll be back.” But as someone else said, I don’t know who, “I might not be so friendly next time”. Regards. Recruiting Animal

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