For one thing, at least today wasn’t a major disaster. However, I was close in one.

Let me start it off this morning with work. Nothing special, just got juices ready after the three day weekend and got stuff with a lot work, which is good. After work, the fun began. Went into the Metro at 5:15PM. It was a little slow, but it is typical during rush hour. After the Rosslyn stop, the train was on hold…For one hour. During that one hour, I was squeezed in, had some cold air, which was fine, that’s again typical in the DC Metro. But through the hour, the mother was trying to settle her son. The son was cute, but was a total nightmare. The baby just cried and yelled throughout the hold. The baby wanted to leave his stroller, then kick his shoes out, then threw away a pamphlet of The Wiggles, and kicking me like I’m a real-life dummy. At first the people surrounding the baby were getting frustrated, even this lady reading a book as being dismissive and being a total windbag. Towards the end, the AC went out, and everyone changed then to help the mother and the crying son, including me. Finally, we had to go back from Rosslyn from the help of another train pushing the train that I was riding. Everyone joked saying, this is 666. At around 6:30, I finally went up to Rosslyn to catch a bus to George Mason. That was another problem, the bus had gear trouble, and it was pretty slow. Took the long rout to get to Mason. Then ask my father to pick me up at GMU and at 8:00, I finally went home.

That my friend was my experience on 6/6/06 (If possible, 06:06PM)

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