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Two things I like to mention that I can’t fit on Twitter:

1. The Brazen Careerist has a new design and new attitude.  It will still be a place for Gen Y workers, but instead of a blog network, it is a social network.  Think of it as Linkedin or KODA.  Let’s see how this goes because there in new territory and will they get any new Gen Yers to go to their site.  I know there are people who are for and against Brazen Careerist and I understand, but this one has a little more interest because they featured two of my posts and I’m grateful and met other Gen Y bloggers in DC.  For me, they help me build an audience and the first site to give me a spotlight.  I cannot wait for it.

2. I went to the DC Bloggers meeting last week just to get a feel of what it is and have to say it is a very diverse group from food, writing, DC, politics, etc.  There is a sense of community with this group and can’t wait to help out my fellow bloggers.  In fact, I’m going to make a difference for DC Bloggers, but you have to wait until next month to figure that out.  Here are the other DC Bloggers:

Kier Duros:  http://Durosia.com

A. Glenn:  http://jenesaisrein.blogspot.com

S. Polastre:  http://www.freeagentwriter.com

Phil:  http://www.feedbacksecrets.com

Mike:  http://NotionsCapital.com

Amy in DC:  http://www.freeindc.blogspot.com

Dave W.:  http://www.autumnrain2110.com

Joe Logon:  www.joelogon.com/blog

Frank:  http://swordandthescript.blogspot.com/

Jadxia:  http://jadxia.livejournal.com

Can you feel the love? 🙂

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